Assessment of Chinese Military Modernisation and Its Implications for India
Maj Gen (Retd.) P K Chakravorty

Ever since its creation, China has been claiming territories of numerous countries. There have been wars and clashes, and the usual tone of policy statements has remained assertive. After annexing Tibet the Communist China has described China as a palm with Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Arunachal and Ladakh as the country`s five fingers. It is pertinent to note that some maps have even shown Assam and the Andaman Islands as a part of China. The standard tactics of gradual cartographic invasion seems to have been extended to new areas - tentatively, casually first and then with increasing emphasis till time comes to usurp the quest.

Though Chinese White Papers always project a defensive and peaceful attitude, Beijing`s intentions appear deceptive. China`s official media continues to publicise articles that caution India about China retaining the option of initiating military hostilities.In India, China`s prime target, however, there has been scant research on the modernisation of the Chinese Armed Forces and its impact on Indian security. This book is a small effort to fill that gap.

Avialable at Pentagon press

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