National Security and Strategic Studies
The United Kingdom Hit by another Islamist Extremism Inspired Terror Attack

The knife terror attack on 02 February 2020 in Streatham High Road in London, United Kingdom (UK) brought back memories of a similar terror incident on the streets of London on 29 November 2019 in which a Pakistan-origin British national—Usman Khan

Terrorism and Counter Terrorism: Review of Year 2019 and Projections for 2020

The year 2019 had significant developments in global terrorism. The review covers the important activities of terrorism and counter-terrorism (CT) around the globe. There have been ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Syria and Yemen which includes terrorist a

India’s Approach to Countering Violent Extremism: Issues and Prospects

This is an updated version of paper presented at an international conference on Countering Violent Extremism organized by China’s Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing in December 2019

India has been at the receiving

London Bridge Attack: An Islamic State-Inspired Knife Terror Attack

“We are resolute, we stand United in the face of terrorism, and we will not allow anybody to divide us”. - Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London. On 29 November 2019, a 28 years-old British terrorist identified as Usman Khan—a British cit

Finally, Islamic State’s “Caliph” is “Dead”! – An Initial Assessment

“No group or nation should mistake America’s intentions: We will not rest until terrorist groups of global reach have been found, have been stopped, and have been defeated.” – Former US President George W. Bush (06 November 2001)1

The Killing of Abu Bakral-Baghdadi: Implications

On 27th October President Trump of the United States announced the killing of Al Baghdadi and claimed that his was a bigger achievement than that of a similar capture and killing of Osama bin Laden, believed to be the inspiration, if not the master

Counter-Terrorism Framework of the United Nations and India’s Approach of De-Radicalisation1

Due to lack of an internationally accepted definition, terrorism continues to haunt every nation in the World. The perspective of terrorism differs from a nation to nation; therefore, every country has its own definition and

Modi Government 2.0: Sure Footed Firmness vis-a-vis Pakistan

India, following the re-election of the Modi Government, is to be commended for its sure footed firmness in its dealings with Pakistan. Pakistan's repeated feelers for a resumption of talks have been rebuffed on the eminently legitimate ground th

Burkina Faso to Indonesia : ‘Glocal’ Jihad of Brand ISIS

It’s not just the spread of capital, goods and services which go in tandem with globalisation. The spread of terror is also a part of multifarious activities that globalisation proliferates. Information is one instrument which facilitates dissemina

The Sri Lanka Attacks and the Threat Within

The Easter Sunday carnage in Sri Lanka that killed more than 250 people1 last month caught many by surprise2. The island nation had been enjoying a period of relative peace and stability since the civil war came to an end with t

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