International Relations/Diplomacy
Significance of Nobuo Kishi’s Vietnam Visit in the Indo-Pacific

In recent times, Vietnam has emerged as the darling of the world. Many important countries such as the US, Japan, India and many European countries are making special efforts to court Vietnam. Why is there this sudden recognition of Vietnam and why d

Takeaways from the Fullerton lecture

A high-level US visit was due in Southeast Asia. The region felt having been neglected from the previous administration. Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense visited Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines in July. The choice of three specific coun

Policy issues in the Indian Shipping Sector

Merchant shipping forms one of the core components of a nation’s seapower. As Indian trade and security interests now span across the Indo-Pacific, it is necessary to draw policy focus to Indian merchant shipping and see it as a strategic asset. In

EU Strategy for Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

The European Union released its Indo-Pacific strategy covering the perspective of all 27 countries in April this year. The strategy is a balanced effort which aims to contribute to stability, security, prosperity and sustainable development in the In

Japan’s Strategic Outlook in the Indo-Pacific

Japan is the pioneer of the Indo-Pacific construct. India and Japan are close partners in the Indo-Pacific. Join Ms. Deepa Gopalan Wadhwa and Amruta Karambelkar as they discuss Japansee foreign policy & its security interests in the Indo-Pacific.

Changing American Perspective on Quad from Trump to Biden

“Whoever commands the sea, commands the trade; whoever commands the trade of the world commands the riches of the world, and consequently the world itself.” -Sir Walter Raleigh, 17th Century
It is still too early in

Japan-South Korea Entente Vital for Peaceful Indo-Pacific

The Indo-Pacific region has gradually assumed a centrality in the global strategic balance for peace and security. The stability and tranquility of the four decades after the conclusion of the Vietnam War is being challenged by an aggressive China.

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