International Relations/Diplomacy
India-Japan Strategic Partnership: Growing Convergence

The growing and robust consolidation of India-Japan strategic partnership is regarded as transformational in shaping the trajectory of geostrategic equilibrium in Indo-Pacific with global ramifications. Over the years the bilateral relations between

2021 Crystallised the Indo-Pacific Security Landscape

2021 was an eventful year in the Indo-Pacific region. Several developments have taken place, which are significant in their own right, but are rather indicative of what lies ahead in this region. This article examines the implications of the key secu

The Significance of the Australia -Japan Defence Agreement

Australia and Japan signed a new defence agreement on 6 January 2022, which both PM Scott Morrison and PM Fumio Kishida hailed as a landmark. The Reciprocal Access Agreement (RAA) is Japan’s second such Agreement with any country, after treaty ally

Visit of Chairman Vietnam’s National People’s Assembly and India-Vietnam Relations

Mr. Vuong Dinh Hue, the Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam, visited India from 15 to 19 December to bolster India-Vietnam cooperation in a number of areas. He is one of the important leaders in the quartet of the top leadership and power st

Malabar Joint Naval Exercise – A Viable Deterrent of Quad in the Indo Pacific?

Malabar 2021
The Phase-II of Indian Navy’s (IN) Multilateral Maritime Exercise Malabar2021 (25thedition) kicked off in the Bay of Bengal on 12 October 2021 with participation from the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF), Royal Aus

Using AUKUS to Brazen it Out

The United States’ and the United Kingdom’s overtures to Australia to help it acquire a fleet of nuclear-powered general-purpose attack submarines (SSNs) infuse a perilous complexity into the strategic Indo-Pacific environment, rendering it more

Significance of Nobuo Kishi’s Vietnam Visit in the Indo-Pacific

In recent times, Vietnam has emerged as the darling of the world. Many important countries such as the US, Japan, India and many European countries are making special efforts to court Vietnam. Why is there this sudden recognition of Vietnam and why d

Takeaways from the Fullerton lecture

A high-level US visit was due in Southeast Asia. The region felt having been neglected from the previous administration. Lloyd Austin, the Secretary of Defense visited Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines in July. The choice of three specific coun

Policy issues in the Indian Shipping Sector

Merchant shipping forms one of the core components of a nation’s seapower. As Indian trade and security interests now span across the Indo-Pacific, it is necessary to draw policy focus to Indian merchant shipping and see it as a strategic asset. In

EU Strategy for Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

The European Union released its Indo-Pacific strategy covering the perspective of all 27 countries in April this year. The strategy is a balanced effort which aims to contribute to stability, security, prosperity and sustainable development in the In

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