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Al Qaida Affiliate AGuH Leader Zakir Musa Killed in J&K - What Lies Ahead?

On 23 May 2019, while all the prime time news channels in India were intensely pre-occupied with news and analysis of the Parliamentary Election 2019, a few of them found time and space to flash a piece of a very significant security related news fro

जम्मू-कश्मीर के लिए 2019 में ठोस राष्ट्रीय नीति जरूरी

यह लेख भावी तस्वीर के बारे में कुछ अनुमानों से शुरू होगा। पहला, निकट भविष्य में जम्मू-कश्मीर पर

कश्मीर में टकराव की स्थिति टालने के लिए शांति का विचार समझना जरूरी

कश्मीर में शांति का विरोधाभास
जर्मनी के चांसलर विली ब्रांट ने कहा था, “शांति ही सब कुछ नहीं

Suicide Attack in Kashmir - Rejuvenation amongst Terrorist Organisations of the World Post-Legitimising the Taliban

The suicide bombing attack on the CRPF convoy in Jammu and Kashmir on 14 Feb 19 is possibly one of the worst terrorist attacks in the country in recent times. The casualty figures being quoted by various news channels and newspapers vary from 39 to 4

Review of Governor’s Rule in J&K and the Way Forward

After the break-up of the tumultuous political alliance between the PDP-BJP (19th June 2018), Governor’s Rule was imposed in the State for the eight’s time on June 20, 2018. Once again, it seemed that the history has destined to write-off any pos

A Cogent National Strategy is Needed for J&K in 2019

This article commences with a couple of presumptions about future scenarios. First, that in the predictable future there is likely to be no workable agreement with Pakistan on J&K and the issue is likely to continue with status quo. Pakistan will pla

Imperative to Understand Concept of Peace for Conflict Transformation in Kashmir

Paradox of Peace in Kashmir
Chancellor Willy Brandt of Germany had said, “Peace is not everything, but without peace, everything is nothing”.1 Kashmir is passing through a similar situation where lack of peace has led to a

Impasse in Jammu and Kashmir

Political Situation
On 19 June 2018, the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) pulled out of the Mehbooba Mufti Government in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). The alliance was formed after the elections in 2015. The mandate during the elections was fractur

Strategy of Military and Non-Military Measures: Imperative for Stability in Kashmir

Introduction War of perception is a tool to expand the domains of conflict geographically and demographically. Pakistan and its proxies have created an impression as if entire Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) is fighting a separatist movemen

Kashmir - An Analysis of Recent Developments

In a series of swift and surprise moves, on June 19, 2018, the BJP leadership in New Delhi decided to withdraw from the ruling coalition with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP); Chief Minister Mahbooba Mufti submitted her resignation to the Govern

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