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Jammu & Kashmir
Kashmir Urgently Needs a Fresh Intellectual Discourse

As the situation in Kashmir slowly but steadily seems to ease off, the baffling question in most quarters is that how should the Government move forward in restoring the confidence of large sections of people in the Valley. This question does not app

Pakistan: Developing Narrative

Since the 05 August 2019 revocation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), several strands have emerged in the developing Pakistani narrative that Prime Minister Imran Khan is spearheading. In this, the entire government machinery and espe

कश्मीरी आतंकियों की नई नस्ल

कश्मीर में आतंकवाद के मौजूदा दौर के पीछे विचारधारा की मजबूत बुनियाद है। यह 1990 के दशक की विचारधार

Repeal of Article 370 - Pakistan’s Reaction

Articles 370 and 35 A, which gave special status to J&K were part of Indian Constitution. Their repeal does not violate any international agreement. These ensured that the people of J&K enjoyed democratic rights within the Indian Union, which the peo

Three Cheers - Jammu and Kashmir is Truly Integrated with India

Lightening strike, surgical operations and surprise are the terminologies most used and practiced in military operations. But here in Jammu and Kashmir, Government of India has done one better and in one step resolved the 70 years old legacy of a pr

Modi did what Nehru wanted to, but couldn’t, on Article 370

When Home Minister Amit Shah declared on August 6 that Article 370 has been scrapped and Kashmir fully integrated with the rest of India, whether or not he was aware, he said almost exactly what Jawaharlal Nehru told the Lok Sabha 56 years ago, on De

Lead Role of JK Police, Synergy in Anti-Terrorist Operations

The security situation in the Kashmir region has been spiraling downward since 2008. This is essentially because Pakistan-backed separatists have devised a new strategy to sustain the unrest. The problem now is not the militant holding the gun, bu

Burhan Wani and the Rise in Militancy in South Kashmir

In the continuing trend of Kashmiri youth joining militancy, five youth from five villages under the jurisdiction of Srigufwara and Bijbehara police stations in Anantnag district went missing in the last week of June. They showed up on social media s

New Breed of Kashmiri Terrorists

The current phase of militancy in Kashmir has a very strong ideological basis. It is completely different from what it was in the early 1990s. Islamist theology originating from Wahabism and Maududism provides the requisite ideological input to the c

Al Qaida Affiliate AGuH Leader Zakir Musa Killed in J&K - What Lies Ahead?

On 23 May 2019, while all the prime time news channels in India were intensely pre-occupied with news and analysis of the Parliamentary Election 2019, a few of them found time and space to flash a piece of a very significant security related news fro

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