Events Reports
Seminar on ‘Towards Reducing Earthquake Risks of India’

The Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) organized a seminar ‘Towards Reducing Earthquake Risks of India’ in collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on April 12, 2012. Held, by coincidence, against the backdrop of a

Vimarsha: A Talk on ‘Functioning of Parliamentary Democracy in India’ with Mr. Purno A. Sangma

The focus of VIF’s Vimarsha (a series in monthly talks on subjects of national importance with contemporary relevance) for the month of March 2012 was ‘Functioning of Parliamentary Democracy in India’, a subject which has agitated minds

Interaction with Mr. Michel Miraillet, Director Strategic Affair, Govt. of France

As part of what could be described as an exercise in Track 1.5 diplomacy, Mr. Michel Miraillet, Director Strategic Affairs in France’s Ministry of Defence, held wide-ranging and intense interaction with the VIF’s battery of policy experts on Marc

Interaction with a U.S. Delegation on ‘US and Indian Roles in Afghanistan’

Representatives from Monitor 360, a US-based consultancy firm executing a project for the US Department of Defence and engaged in research and study of global strategic and analytical challenges, visited VIF on Feb 14, 2012. Their visit ostensibly ai

Interaction with Mr. Ribal Al-Assad on ‘Syria and the Arab Spring’

At an interaction with eminent strategic experts held at VIF on Feb 08, 2011, Mr. Ribal al Assad, Chairman of the Organization for Democracy and Freedom in Syria, based in London, and son of the former Syrian leader Rifat al Assad, presently campaign

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