Events Reports
Interaction with CIISS on Political Change Over in China

A five-member delegation from the CIISS (China Institute for International Strategic Studies), a think tank with strong military background, visited the Foundation on December 19, 2012 for an exchange of views with a select panel of VIF scholars and

VIF-RUSI-CICIR International Seminar on “Afghanistan Post - 2014 : Perspectives from the Region”

Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) organised a Seminar on “Afghanistan Post 2014- Perspectives from the Region” on 30th Nov 2012, in which experts from RUSI (Royal United Services Institute), CICIR (China Institute of Contempor

Vimarsha on “Transition in America and China: Implications for India” with Amb. Prabhat P Shukla, former Ambassador to Russia

On 27th November 2012, distinguished personalities assembled at the VIF auditorium to attend its monthly series of talks by eminent persons, Vimarsha. This month’s Vimarsha talk was given by Amb. Prabhat P Shukla, former Ambassador to Ru

Interaction with the Cross-Straits Interflow Prospect Foundation

On 31st October 2012, the Vivekananda International Foundation organized an interactive session with the Cross-Straits Interflow Prospect Foundation from Taiwan. The Prospect Foundation was represented by their President Mr. Kuang Chung Li

Nepal: Contemporary Political Scenario and Portents for Future

The Maoist-Madhesi ruling combination had indicated their preference for conducting fresh elections which was announced by PM Baburam Bhattarai (BRB) on May 27 during the process of dissolution of the Constitutional Assembly (CA). Following this, the

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