China: Daily Scan, January 7, 2021
Dr Teshu Singh, Research Fellow, VIF
Economic Watch: China's economy to keep recovering with proactive fiscal policy: Xinhuanet
January 7, 2021

The epidemic-induced lockdowns loomed over China's economy in the first half of 2020, but with quick emergency response and government-aided stimulus package, the country's economy roared back.Click here to read...

EU, China to push forward on investment: China Daily
January 7, 2021

European Union leaders pledged on Tuesday to push forward with the ratification of the China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, or CAI, as Portugal takes over from Germany with the presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first six months of 2021.Click here to read...

China urges U.S. to stop groundless suppression of Chinese apps: People’s Daily
January 7, 2021

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOC) on Wednesday said the U.S. side should stop its groundless suppression of Chinese applications and restrictions on the normal use of Chinese products and services in the United States. "We will firmly support enterprises to safeguard their rights and interests in accordance with the law, and reserve the right to take necessary measures," an MOC spokesperson said an online response to a press request for comments on the U.S. executive order that bans transactions involving eight Chinese APPs.Click here to read...

Chinese Communist Party Says Biden a ‘New Window of Hope’: The Epoch Times
January 6, 2021

Beijing is looking forward to a new U.S. administration after Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden represented a “new window of hope” for the Sino–U.S. relationship.Click here to read...

‘Political-military dialogue’ between US, Taiwan a symbolic show, drops a ‘land mine’ for Biden to clear: analysts: Global Times
January 6, 2021

The US is scheduled to hold a "political-military dialogue" with the island of Taiwan on Thursday via video conference, a further provocation of China's sovereignty and territorial integrity.Click here to read...

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