China: Daily Scan, September 25, 2020
Dr Teshu Singh, Research Fellow, VIF
China Focus: China launches new free trade zones for greater opening-up, high-quality development: Xinhuanet
September 25, 2020

China on Thursday officially opened three new pilot free trade zones (FTZs) and expanded one as it seeks greater opening-up and high-quality development. The three new FTZs are in Beijing and the provinces of Anhui and Hunan, increasing the total number of the country's FTZs to 21, while the expanded one is in the coastal province of Zhejiang. Click here to read...

Update: Chinese envoy fights back at U.S. accusations in Security Council: Xinhuanet
September 25, 2020

China's permanent representative to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, on Thursday fought back at U.S. accusations against China over the handling of COVID-19. At a summit-level debate on "global governance after COVID-19," the U.S. permanent representative to the United Nations, Kelly Craft, repeated President Donald Trump's demand to hold China accountable for the spread of the virus. Click here to read...

FTSE Russell to add Chinese bonds in its index: China Daily
September 25, 2020

FTSE Russell, a global multi-asset index provider, announced that it will add Chinese government bonds to its flagship World Government Bond Index on Sept 25. The CGBs will be included in the index from October 2021, pending an affirmation on March 2021, according to the statement, reported. Click here to read...

China Is Erasing Mosques and Precious Shrines in Xinjiang: The New York Times
September 25, 2020

Until a decade ago, the pilgrims would travel by bus, car, donkey and foot to gather by the thousands at the Imam Asim Shrine in the desert on China’s western frontier. They trudged through the sand dunes to kneel at the sacred site dedicated to Imam Asim, a Muslim holy man who helped defeat the Buddhist kingdom that had ruled here over a thousand years ago. The devotees were Uighurs, a mostly Muslim ethnic minority, and often joined annual festivals to pray for abundant harvests, good health and strong babies. Click here to read...

Chinese Warplanes Enter Taiwan Airspace at Least 46 Times in Past Week, Drawing Rebuke: The Epoch Times
September 24, 2020

Chinese bomber and fighter jets have entered Taiwan’s airspace at least 46 times from Sept. 17 to Sept. 24, in an escalation of military aggression that has angered Taipei.Click here to read...

Trump’s seven minutes of nonsense brings U.S. into disrepute: People’s Daily
September 24, 2020

Major countries should have the audacity to shoulder their due responsibilities. However, the U.S. leader’s speech at the general debate of the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 22 brought the only superpower in today’s world into disrepute. .Click here to read...

Indian strategists should not be kidnapped by nationalism: Global Times
September 24, 2020

The China-India border clash that started in May is still ongoing. Many Indian strategy scholars have taken the opportunity to put themselves under the spotlight. They came up with opinions that seem to be rational but exaggerate India's strength. They have been catering to the burning nationalism within India. They are following the trend of hard-line domestic public opinion. That's all. .Click here to read...

Returning US forces to Taiwan will ‘trigger reunification-by-force operation’: Global Times
September 24, 2020

Amid ongoing large-scale exercises by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) in the Taiwan Straits targeting foreign interventions and Taiwan secessionists, an article recently published in a US military journal urged the US to consider returning US forces to the island, a move that would break the Three Joint Communiqués between China and the US that stipulated all US forces and military installations withdrawn from the Chinese island. .Click here to read...

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