China: Daily Scan, September 23, 2020
Dr Teshu Singh, Research Fellow, VIF
Xinhua Headlines-Xi Focus: Xi charts course for world to meet challenges amid COVID-19: Xinhuanet
September 23, 2020

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday charted a course for the world to confront the COVID-19 crisis and meet more challenges in the future while addressing the general debate of the 75th session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. The general debate was held virtually for the first time in the world body's 75-year-long history due to the coronavirus pandemic. Click here to read...

US-China acrimony at 75th UN General Assembly as Trump slams Beijing for coronavirus and Xi decries ‘stigma’: South China Morning Post
September 23, 2020

US-China acrimony loomed large at the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, with US President Donald Trump using his speech to lash out at China, and Chinese leader Xi Jinping warning the world to avoid “stigmatisation” over the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Click here to read...

China and India agree not to send more troops to border, says Chinese defence ministry: South China Morning Post
September 23, 2020

China and India have agreed to stop sending more troops to a Himalayan flashpoint along their contested border and to avoid any actions that might complicate the tense situation there, the two countries said on Tuesday. Click here to read...

Experts' suggestions for development heeded: China Daily
September 23, 2020

President Xi Jinping underlined on Tuesday the need to create new prospects in the educational, cultural, health and sports sectors in the next five-year development phase starting in 2021 to enhance the people's sense of fulfillment, happiness and security.
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New forms of consumption get policy boost: China Daily
September 23, 2020

China's ongoing efforts to spur new forms of consumption will help stimulate market players' vitality, boost domestic demand and support economic recovery, the country's top economic regulator said on Tuesday. Click here to read...

No disguising proposed TikTok deal is a dirty and underhanded trick: China Daily editorial: China Daily
September 23, 2020

What the United States has done to TikTok is almost the same as a gangster forcing an unreasonable and unfair business deal on a legitimate company. The success TikTok has achieved — it is reportedly TikTok is expected to generate about a billion dollars in revenue by the end of 2020 — has apparently made Washington feel uneasy, and it has used national security as the pretext to ban the short video sharing app. Click here to read...

Tsai's attempt to sever relations across the Straits doomed to failure: China Daily
September 23, 2020

The 12th Straits Forum, an annual meeting organized since 2009 to promote people-to-people exchanges between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, held in Xiamen, Fujian province, on Sunday, was the first cross-Straits event since the COVID-19 outbreak and echoed the aspirations of civil society on both sides to increase exchanges across the Straits. Click here to read...

Tsai pledges to defend ROC’s airspace: Taipei Times
September 23, 2020

Following China’s assertion on Monday that there is no “median line” in the Taiwan Strait, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) yesterday pledged to defend the nation’s airspace during a visit to an air force base in Penghu, saying that Taiwan cannot allow others to flex their military muscle in its territorial airspace. Click here to read...

China, India agree to stop sending more troops to frontline: China's Defense Ministry: Global Times
September 22, 2020

China and India agreed to stop sending more troops to the frontline, refrain from unilaterally changing the situation on the ground, and avoid taking any action that may complicate the situation, Chinese National Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian said on Tuesday, after a series of border clashes between the two countries since May, and escalating tensions in recent months. Click here to read...

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