VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: May 16, 2019
Dollar hits historical high of Rs148: Dawn
May 16, 2019

The value of the US dollar against the rupee touched another all-time high for the second consecutive day, reaching approximately Rs148 in the interbank market. The greenback's was valued at Rs141.5 yesterday, but climbed roughly Rs6.50 to hit a historical peak today, with speculation rife in the forex market that the rupee may slide further. Click here to read...

Putin, Pompeo Discuss Afghanistan As They Meet In Sochi: Tolo News
May 15, 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met in the Russian resort city of Sochi on Tuesday where the two officials discussed a number of key issues including Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, and Venezuela. In the meeting with Pompeo, Putin reportedly described the situation in Afghanistan complicated and said that the Taliban’s position was getting stronger. "On the issue of Afghanistan, the (Russian) president and the (US) secretary of state also noted rather good cooperation between specialists of our countries. Moreover, our president noted that settlement in Afghanistan is a rather complicated issue as the process itself is difficult. Click here to read...

Nepal has committed to One-China policy, and yet, violations continue: Kathmandu Post
May 16, 2019

Two controversial incidents in the past week have once again stoked discussion about the One-China policy, Nepal’s stated position on its northern neighbour, and why this gets violated repeatedly. On Sunday, March 12, the Post reported how three journalists working for the Rastriya Samachar Samiti, the national news agency, were under investigation by the government for circulating a news report about the Dalai Lama’s health. Again, on Monday, March 13, two Members of Parliament were discovered to have attended an event in Latvia organised around the Tibet and the International Network of Parliamentarians on Tibet, prompting an investigation by the Parliament Secretariat. Click here to read...

Trump orders national emergency on information security; Commerce Department follows with Huawei restrictions: South China Morning Post
May 16, 2019

US President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday declaring a national emergency, barring the use of telecommunications equipment made by companies that are deemed a threat to national security, clearing the way for an outright ban on products made by Huawei. Click here to read...

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