The Unmaking and Making of Sri Lankan Crisis: Options before India

Unfolding Events Sri Lanka has elected six-time former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe as the new President. In the parliamentary votes Ranil Wickremesinghe received 134 votes against his closest contestant Dullus Alahapperuma got 82 votes. The

नेपाली प्रधानमंत्री देउबा की भारत यात्रा

पीएम देउबा का दौरा नेपाल के प्रधानमंत्री शेर बहादुर देउबा अप्रैल महीने में अपनी तीन दिवसीय (ए�

The Himalayan Conundrum: Nepal and Bhutan in 2021

Nepal The year 2021 can be surmised as a year of political upheavals, economic downfall, and geo-political uncertainties for Nepal. Also, when countries worldwide were engaged in making arrangements to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, Nepal’s managem

Functioning of Judiciary in Nepal

The Crisis For more than one month now, Nepal’s judicial system has come to a partial halt. The Nepal Bar Association (NBA) is protesting against Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana and demanding his unconditional resignation. Other

A Welcome Reset in India-Nepal Relations Amidst Chinese Encroachment of Nepalese Territories

A New Beginning Amidst the gloom and pessimism in India-Nepal relations in the past five years, the two countries now seem to be moving towards a reset in bilateral ties. Since taking office in July 2021, the newly appointed Prime Minister Sher B

Taliban Takeover and Implications for Nepal

Nepalese in Afghanistan Amidst Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, the leading global powers continue to repatriate their citizens from Afghanistan. At the same time, geographically smaller countries are looking for international cooperation in repat

Compulsions of Coalition Politics in Nepal

The Backdrop Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba led Government in Nepal unveiled a Common Minimum Programme (CMP) on August 08, 2021.1 In less than a month in office, Deuba has launched the CMP as a systematic planning model to address governance, po

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