Sweden Joins NATO – Does it Contribute to Peace or Intensify Conflict?

On 7 March 2024, Sweden officially became NATO’s newest member, upon depositing its instrument of accession to the North Atlantic Treaty with the Government of the United States in Washington DC, thereby ending its 200-year-old policy of neutrality

Why a Code of Conduct on South China Sea Remains Elusive?

Introduction Recent developments in South China Sea have necessitated fast-tracking the finalisation of a legally binding Code of Conduct (COC) for all competing parties in the disputed waters. There are doubts, however, if such a document can be

US and China Jostle for Influence in Southeast Asia

Introduction China’s conduct of diplomacy backed by its economic strength and military power has emerged as the topic of analysis by experts who try to understand what could be China’s long-term goals. Its relations with the US are under stres

A Potential War Looms over the Korean Peninsula

Pyongyang seems determined to keep tensions in the Korean Peninsula alive. In a provocative start to 2024, it launched new cruise missile test for submarine. By doing this, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un flaunted his growing nuclear arsenal, thereby

China’s Poaching Style of Conducting Diplomacy

Beijing seems to be determined to strangulate Taiwan as barely 48 hours after the presidential elections in which the pro-sovereignty leaning returned the Democratic Progressive Party candidate William Lai Ching-te, whose stance has irked Beijing. Th

Analysing Developments and Trends in Southeast Asia 2023

Introduction As the world closed in 2023 and entered 2024, there are several indicators based on the past events that the Southeast Asian region is likely to witness many tumultuous developments. Around the world, Southeast Asia included, a host o

Elections in Taiwan: Some Projections

Introduction In the self-ruled island of Taiwan, 19 million eligible voters shall be going to the polls on 13 January 2024 to elect a new President. The geopolitical significance of this cannot be understated as the outcome shall be of extreme int

Japan Abandons its Three Basic Principles on Arms Exports

In response to the increase in the region’s geopolitical stress, Japan’s vulnerability has increased manifold. This has compelled the administration of Fumio Kishida to make some drastic change in the country’s security posture. The main driver

Japan-ASEAN Special Summit: Major Takeaways

Introduction In a major outreach initiative towards the 10-member bloc Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Japan hosted a summit in Tokyo from 16-18 December 2023 to commemorate the special anniversary of the 50th year of Japan-ASEAN c

Nuclear talks and Geopolitical Risk in East Asia

Not everything is going well in the security arena in the Northeast Asian region as the security scenario is getting fragile at a faster rate. As North Korea continue to advance towards more sophisticated weapons system, Beijing ups the ante on the T

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