The Democracy Conundrum in Hong Kong

The National People’s Congress of China earlier this year, passed sweeping legislative measures which increases, among others, the composition of the Election Committee of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSR) to 1500 from existing 1200 an

Gandhi’s Ideas of Education and the New Education Policy

It is worth a while on the eve of Gandhi’s birth anniversary to recall his ideas of education and how they are reflected in India’s New Education Policy (NEP). In the times of artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning, seemingly perh

Parliament and India-China relations

The recent accusation and allegations by the opposition parties particularly Congress with regard to the government’s handling of the India-China relations, in the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the India-China border was unfortunate and irrespons

Taiwan Deserves Support of Democratic Countries for its World Health Assembly Bid

Taiwan has attracted international media attention from time to time, particularly whenever there is news regarding supply of arms, like fighter air crafts by the U.S.A or there is sabre rattling in the Taiwan Straits by communist China. In recent pa

The Dichotomy of Economic Imperative and Security Dilemma: The Chinese Telecom Companies in India

The outbreak and spread of Covid-19 and Chinese government’s failure to share its timely information to the outside world have raised question mark about the transparency of the communist regime there. Concomitantly, it has also raised the securit

Covid-19: Can it be the Sputnik Moment for India?

History often tells us that the best in you comes out in the worst of circumstances. At times devastations caused both by man and nature has impelled people and nations to rebuild from the ruins. There is no dearth of instances when people have rise

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