Strasbourg Terror Attack – Revisiting ISIS Footprints in Europe

The picturesque city of Strasbourg witnessed a shocking terror attack on December 11, 2018, in which a gunman opened fire around the famous Christmas market, killing at least three people and wounding 12 others. The Strasbourg Christmas markets is on

Amritsar Grenade Attack – Stoking ‘Khalistan’ Disturbance?

The holy city of Amritsar was shaken by a grenade attack by two masked men who brandished pistols and forced their way into a weekly congregation of the Nirankari Sect and lobbed grenades into the prayer hall of the Nirankari Bhavan of Adliwal villag

Strategic Policy Group - Evolution of Integrated National Security Structure

In a significant decision that could have major implications for India’s over all approach to national security, the Government of India, through a notification (October 8, 2018), announced reconstitution of the Strategic Policy Group (SPG) of the

Australia Defines Priorities of National Security Science and Technology Policy - Relevance for India

The Government of Australia, on May 1, 2018 (Australian Government 2018), released a document called ‘National Security Science and Technology Policy Agenda’. Through this, the Government of Australia has set the agenda to prioritise science and

Commentary: Exhibition - India at 70 and the Jammu & Kashmir Saga

On the occasion of 70 years of Jammu & Kashmir’s accession to India, an interactive digital exhibition was organised by the National Archives of India from January 11, 2018. The exhibition has been organised at the National Archives of India, Janpa

Terror Strikes Europe: Testing Time for EU’s Collective Security

Even though Daesh has been facing serious setbacks in Iraq and Syria with its major strongholds getting demolished by the security forces, the month of August 2017 did not bring the expected joy across European cities. Three cities in Europe ¬¬¬

Mosul Recaptured: Is This the End of Daesh?

Iraqi Prime Minister Announces the Fall of Mosul July 10, 2017 is rightly being acknowledged as a historic day in the fight against dreaded phenomenon of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) brand of terrorism. The Iraqi Prime Minister(PM) H

Left Wing Extremism – A Brief Security Review

Left Wing Extremism (LWE) is widely recognised as one of the most serious security threats in post-independence India. Apart from that, it is also a politico-socio-economic challenge. Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had described the LWE as

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