India – US Relations under Biden

US President elect, Joe Biden has a challenging time ahead especially over the next few weeks when he may be called upon to prove the legitimacy of his election. While he has both the electoral college votes and the popular vote in the just-concluded

COVID 19 and Emerging Geo-politics

A meeting of the US Experts Group at VIF comprising Director, VIF, Dr Arvind Gupta, Ambassador Arun K Singh, former Ambassador of India to the United States Former Foreign Secretary, Ambassador Kanwal Sibal, Defence experts Lt Gen Ravi Sawhney, Lt Ge

The US and the Coronavirus Crisis

With over 160,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and 2500 deaths, the United States has emerged as the new epicentre of the corona virus pandemic sweeping across the world. Amidst global shutdowns and remain-at-home orders, the United States has seen a

Analysing Trump’s India Visit

The deep camaraderie seen between the two leaders during US President Trump’s visit to India is a testimony to the tenacity of India-US relations that continues to deepen despite challenges. Though the visit was high on pomp, pageantry and symbolis

Tillerson Visit: Need to Tone Down the Euphoria

New Delhi was euphoric over United States (US) Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson’s recent remarks on “defining our relationship with India for the next century” made at a Washington DC think tank on the eve of his Asia visit, a five-stop tour t

Senior Trump Aide Kenneth Juster named as US Envoy to India

The White House has named senior White House official and Trump aide Kenneth Juster as the next US ambassador to India thereby ending a months-long speculation that saw several Indian-American names crop up as potential candidates. This notification

US Presidential Election – the Final Countdown

As the race to the White House enters its final day, attention gets re-focused on polls that have tightened and predict a very close race. An ABC/ Washington Post poll on November 1 gave Trump a 1% lead over Clinton and an 8-point lead over her on th

India and the United States - Recent Development

As the Obama administration enters its last months in office, it is normal that it would want to assess the state of relations between the United States and India. Both countries have invested a lot in revitalizing this partnership and the US would n

Modi-Obama Meet in Paris: Taking stock of India-US Relations

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama met in Paris on the sidelines of the crucial climate change conference, it was their sixth bilateral meeting in a little over one year, a very impressive tally by any reckoning. On Clima

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