Patna Blasts – Implications Under Assessed

The serial blasts that took place in Patna’s Gandhi Maidan on October 27, 2013 during BJP’s Hunkar rally was an event whose seriousness and implications have not been fully fathomed. In a setting consumed by ruthless electoral rivalries, the p

Moderate and Balanced Afghanistan: Imperative for Regional Security

A moderate and balanced Afghanistan is not only an absolute necessity for regional security but is equally imperative for rest of the world. A radicalised and unstable Afghanistan, imbued with an intolerant jehadi fervour, has implications for US or

Maoist War Against India: Time for United & Strong Response

The May 25th extremist attack by Maoists in Chhattisgarh was one of the depredations that hit India. But, more tragic is what follows – delayed tactical response, leadership confusion and helplessness, scripted statements carrying no conviction and

Working in Real Time

Will the long-awaited National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC), which will come into existence on March 1, make a difference? Most commentators feel it won’t. They say it is nothing more than affixing a fanciful American label that had fascinated h

India’s Defence Production and Research – Need for Transformational up-gradation

Early January 2012, the US Defence Department came out with its Strategic Guidance Document, nineteen years after the last was brought out in 1993. Spelling out American “Priorities for 21st Century Defence,” this document delineates the future a

Government’s Credibility Seriously at Stake – Aftermath of 13/7 Mumbai Attacks

One of the infirmities of our national security discourse is our skewed approach to the issues involved. We get disproportionally focused on the threat – its intensity, manifestations, damage caused etc. than the response required to address them.

Internal Security – Need for Course Correction

India is on a surge; a great destiny awaits it. If there is one single factor that could negate or retard it, it will be its failure to govern itself. Ensuring safety and security of its people, upholding the rule of law, managing change with order a

China Factor in North East Insurgency – Alarming Signals

Nations accustomed to episodic response to high profile security events run the high risk of missing out subterranean trends and realities that could have unaffordable consequences. Small print news of a Chinese spy woman Wang Qing, masquerading as a

Sohrabuddin Case and Police Encounters: Realities and Myths

Beware of half truths — because you may be holding the wrong half. After having seen and read so much about the Sohrabuddin episode in the last five years, one might believe one knows it all. Sohrabuddin is now cast as an innocent victim of police

India’s Strategic Criticality: Need for an Effective National Response

In the last six decades there has indeed been substantial accretion in India’s National Power. The economic progress, technological advancements, human resource development, infrastructural improvements and, to some extent, up-gradation in military

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