Maharaja Ranjit Singh: The Rise of the Sikh Empire and The Military History of The Punjab

Ranjit Singh was the most adventurous, audacious, and sagacious ruler of the Indian subcontinent since Chandragupta Maurya. Like the Kohinoor he wore, he was a gem among rulers. He rose like a bright and brief firmament when India became a part of th

Durand Line: Did India Fail Frontier Gandhi?

‘You have thrown us to the wolves!’ these words by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan will continue to haunt the nation for decades to come. In the story of India’s freedom struggle, he was one of the bravest. A martyr. Yet he and his Pakhtun brothers wer

Politics of Opportunism: Regional Parties, Coalitions, Centre-State Relations In India

With over 2000 political parties registered with the Election Commission and national parties no longer being able to garner a simple majority, the rules of the game of politics in India are fast changing. There is little doubt that coalition governm

Sardar Patel, Unifier of Modern India, by RNP Singh

Vallabhbhai Patel (1875-1950) left his mark not only on the map of India but also on the minds of her people. He is said to have bequeathed the idea of an integrated India to the nation, and is often called the ‘Iron Man’, with an uncanny foresig

Modi and the World: The Ring View Inside Out; Ed. by Yamini Chowdhury and Anusua Diya Chowdhury; Bloomsbury Publishers; New Delhi; Pages 317; Price Rs. 499

Two years two months, 51 foreign trips on six of the seven continents of the world which covered 42 countries and included UN General Assembly meetings and scores of multilateral engagements; the debutant Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stirred the

Nehru: A troubled Legacy by RNP Singh

Hardcover: 354 pages Publisher: Wisdom Tree (23 June 2015) Language: English ISBN-10: 8183284426 ISBN-13: 978-8183284424 Online Available at

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