Q. Since 2014, various forms of organized subversive protests are on rise. Disguised national and international funding is undoubtedly involved. What has been done to identify these fundings and other economic resources which fuels these activities?
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Replied by Anurag Sharma, Research Associate, VIF

Thank you for your question, Rishikesh. As per the information provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs in August 2021, around 22,691 active organisations were registered under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCA), 2010, which have received or receiving fundings from abroad during 2017-2020.

Upon any information about the misuse of foreign funds furthering terrorist or anti-India activities received by the Ministry of Home Affairs, appropriate action under the FCA and other laws is taken. For instance, an NGO— ‘Islamic Research Foundation (IRF)’ found to have links with terror groups. The IRF was proscribed under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act [UA(P)A], 1967, and its Registration Certificate was also cancelled for violation of provisions of the FCA, 2010.

Please refer to www.fcraonline.gov.in to get further information about foreign contributions received by the registered NGOs. The bank accounts of the FCRA registered associations have also been linked to the Public Financial Management System (PFMS) for better monitoring of flow of funds. The registered associations/NGOs have to file audited Annual Returns every year, which can be viewed/access through the www.fcraonline.gov.in.

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Date : 10/01/2022
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