Q. What benefits will Uzbekistan obtain after joining Eurasian Economic Union?
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Replied by Dr Pravesh Kumar Gupta

Since 2017, there have been speculations about Uzbekistan joining Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). Recently, Uzbek Government has approved the proposal to join EAEU as observer. This will ensure a number of benefits to Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is looking for markets to export its products and the majority of its trade partners are EAEU members. Uzbekistan registered an increased volume of trade with EAEU countries by sixty percent in the past three years. It is also projected that these figures will grow further. Uzbekistan will benefit from reduced transportation costs through the EAEU countries, through which eighty percent of Uzbekistan’s goods are exported currently. According to estimates, 220 million USD can be saved, and its transit capacity could be increased from 7 million to 16 million tons. Furthermore, EAEU membership can bring relief to 2.3 million Uzbek migrants working in EAEU countries (mainly Russia and Kazakhstan). Also, the price for the thousands tons of crude oil that Uzbekistan imports each year from the EAEU countries could go down.

Date : 27/03/2020
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