VIF Information Alerts - 31th August 2018
Modi govt beats China in high-stakes battle over dam in Nepal

Published: The Print
31 Aug 2018

A day before Kathmandu welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the BIMSTEC summit Thursday, China withdrew from its promise to build a high dam in Nepal, citing the high and unpredictable cost of resettling as many as 10,000 families.

But the real reason is far simpler: New Delhi had warned Nepalese Prime Minister K.P. Oli during his trip to Delhi in April that while he could award as many dams as he liked to Chinese developers, India would not be able to buy the hydropower they produced.Click here to read...

The problem with raising India’s defence expenditure to 3 per cent of GDP

Published: The Indian Express
31 Aug 2018

Several quarters, including the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence, have asked that expenditure on defence be increased to at least 3% of GDP — it is widely believed that this will address the problems of national security, and underline the government’s commitment towards the military. An issue brief by the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), a think tank funded by the Defence Ministry, examined the feasibility of a 3% floor earlier this month.Click here to read...

Trump threatens to pull out of World Trade Organization

Published: USA Today
30 Aug 2018

President Donald Trump threatened to upend the rules of global trade on Thursday, saying he would pull out of the World Trade Organization unless it adopts rules more favorable to the United States. “If they don’t shape up, I would withdraw from the WTO,” Trump told Bloomberg News.

Trump has long been frustrated with the WTO, which sets the standards and rules that govern other international trade agreements, and provides a forum for resolving disputes. He specifically wants the Geneva-based body to take a tougher stance on China's steel dumping and theft of U.S. intellectual property.Click here to read...

Want to give Imran Khan space to explore improving relations with India: Pentagon

Published: The Economic Times
30 Aug 2018

The Trump administration wants to give new Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan space to explore opportunities to improve relations with India, a senior Pentagon official has said.

Many new governments come to power in Islamabad and want to improve the relationship with India, but then soon face realities and all the difficulties, Randall G Schriver, US Assistant Secretary of Defence for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs said at an event organised by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace here. "We want to give the new prime minister of the new government of Pakistan space to explore where there may be opportunities to improve relations with India," he said.Click here to read...

India Readies Baby Rockets to Tap Small Satellites’ Market

Published: Sputnik
30 Aug 2018

The ISRO is developing a small rocket of not more than 100 tons that can send a 500 kg satellite into a 500 km orbit. The ISRO, which is earning around $40 million annually through launching small satellites of foreign customers, aims to increase its revenue.

The small satellite launch vehicles (SSLV) will not require a mission control center to launch satellites into orbit; a personal computer would be more than enough for this purpose, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said on Wednesday.Click here to read...

Pakistan, India mull opening of Kartarpur border crossing

Published: The Express Tribune
29 Aug 2018

The Indian government resumed talks with Pakistan on Wednesday to open the Kartarpur border crossing as Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria toured the area. India’s Punjab Assembly passed a unanimous resolution on Monday to take up the issue of opening the border crossing for the 550th birthday celebrations of Guru Nanak.Click here to read...

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