VIF is pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural "Certificate Programme on Introduction to India's Strategic culture and affairs"

The workshop will be a pioneering endeavour to bring together academicians, students from Indian Universities, researchers from think-tanks and other disciplines to be introduced to the necessary conceptual frameworks and methods of analysis to conduct advanced historical and theoretical research in the field of strategic studies.

The constantly expanding and evolving dimensions of the national security demand a momentum for creating security debate and thought while inculcating a strategic culture that needs to be brought about through institutionalized and linked structures. The purpose of this workshop will be to offer a diverse understanding of the strategic and security-related concepts under a theoretical framework which will help create expertise on strategic and policy matters.

The objective is to widen our knowledge base, benefit from a range of ideas and experiences, and also create a pool of skilled, knowledgeable researchers, analysts (and where applicable, technical experts) on issues pertinent to the national security and national power in a strategically sound environment. The sessions included in the workshop look to guide and prompt participants to examine strategic issues through their interactions with practitioners from diverse backgrounds, familiarize themselves with new and innovative research on the subject and challenge preconceived notions and theories.
The workshop will examine different themes and topics. Each day a new issue will be discussed, debated and deliberated upon. Some proposed broad topics to be covered may be as listed below:-

(a) Understanding India's past including history, culture, religion and strategic culture (for eg- Kautilya, Mahabharata, Ramayana etc).

(b) Nature and dimensions of National power.

(c) Understanding Indian Strategy post-independence.

(d) Scope and Limitations in use of force as an instrument of national will and policy.

(e) Conventional and unconventional warfare.

(f) Nuclear weapons and strategy.

(g) Civil-Military relations in India.

(h) Threat environment.

(i) Intelligence assessment and strategic decision-making.

(j) Non-traditional security threats (including Environment, Ecology and health).

Please fill up your application and send it along with the other required documents as mentioned in the application form at ( Last date of submission : 26th October 2018.

The 5 day workshop is to begin on 5th November, 2018.

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