VIF is pleased to announce the launch of the Certificate Programme 2.0 “Introduction to India’s Strategic Thinking and its Determinants” (For students, academicians, researchers and other professionals)
Dates: 7-9 August 2019
Schedule: 1000- 1700 hours
Introduction to the Workshop

In continuation to the initiative taken last year, VIF is pleased to announce the second series of lectures on India’s national security and strategic culture. The certificate programme, gives a chance to young students, academicians, researchers and professionals from other disciplines to learn the necessary conceptual frameworks and methods of analysis to conduct advanced historical and theoretical research in the field of strategic studies. The three days’ workshop is scheduled from 7-9 August in the VIF premises. Interested candidates are required to send in their applications by filling the forms given in the link below.

Objective of the Workshop

The workshop is an endeavour of the VIF to bring together students from Indian Universities, academicians, researchers from think-tanks and other disciplines to be introduced to the strategic culture that persists and moulds the policy making in our country. The constantly expanding and evolving dynamics of the geopolitical stratagems in India’s neighbourhood and faraway alike, demand in-depth deliberations over our existing modus operandi and its relevance in the sporadic international setting. This workshop would therefore, provide a pedestal for learning in these changing times and circumstances.

This is the second time VIF is organizing a workshop to empower a young lot of audience to benefit from a range of ideas and experiences of our practitioners and experts. The aim is to create a pool of skilled, knowledgeable researchers, analysts (and where applicable, technical experts) on issues pertinent to the national security and national power in a strategically sound environment.

The workshop will examine different themes and topics. Each day a new issue will be discussed, debated and deliberated upon. Some indicative topics that may be covered are listed below:-

  1. Dimensions of India’s National Security
  2. Defending India: The role and strategy of Indian Armed Forces
  3. Understanding India’s strategic culture: features and ethos
  4. India’s approach to Non-traditional security threats
  5. Insight into the People’s Republic of China
  6. India and the Neighbourhood
  7. India’s interests in Indian Ocean Region and maritime security
  8. Science and Technology as a part of National Security
  9. Role of Media and National Security
Who Can Apply?
  • Participants are required to available for all lectures on the three days.
  • The minimum required qualification is a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.
  • Students pursuing their Master’s or above can also apply.
  • Researchers from other think-tank are welcome to attend the programme.
  • Professionals from other relevant fields can apply.
Administrative Instructions
  • The participants will be provided lunch and refreshments during the course of the programme.
  • Outsiders are required to make their own arrangements for accommodation for these three days.
  • There will be no cost of participation for this Certificate Programme.
  • Participants will be given a certificate after successful completion of the programme on the third day.
Reading Material

The participants may like to study the following material for a better understanding of the subject and intent of this programme:-

Please fill up your application and send it along with the other required documents as mentioned in the application form at ([email protected]).

Last date of submission: 26 July 2019
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