Monthly Compilation of Views of VIF Expert Groups: October 2023
Commodore Gopal Suri

Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF)has been deliberating on S& T issues that affect our national capabilities in this domain. The S& T Expert Group held a discussion to understand the dynamics of ‘Electronics, Trade and Geopolitics’ wherein India’s capabilities, shortfalls and the required policy to stimulate efforts in these directions were deliberated upon. Global trade has a large component of technology, especially electronics. Increasing India’s share in global tradewill necessitate expansion of India’ electronic goods manufacturing capability.

Another discussion steered by the S&T Expert Group on ‘Metamaterials for Stealth Technology’ revolved around the possibilities of usage of new age metamaterials to enhance stealth of warfighting platforms in the defence sector. Reduction of the radar signature so as to delay or reduce the chances of detection by enemy sensors is the main direction of the effort in utlising metamaterials for ensuring stealth. Issues relating to generating synergy between the academia, government and production agencies was discussed at length to leverage the advances being made in this field.

The Climate Change Expert Group deliberated on ‘COP28: Issues, Challenges and India’s Preparedness’ to take stock of India’s approach for this extremely important forum. The responsibility of developed countries to take a bigger share of the burden than developing countries was clearly underlined. Indian solutions like Mission LiFE, which is aimed at influencing individuals and communities, has the potential to bring the issue of a sustainable lifestyle to the centre of the ongoing debate.

The coordinators and researchers associated with the expert and study groups, and interactions have put in unwavering efforts to coordinate these meetings, so as to provide a wide range and diversity of views while lucidly capturing the essence of these discussions.

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