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Xavier Rozario asked : Why are we Indians are becoming more and more intolerant towards each other? There is so much hatred on religious, caste, social and such lines. Mob lynching is increasing, moral policing is increasing, rapes are increasing, communal hatred is increasing. Even small kids as young as 5-6 years now know how to hate their peers from other religions or communities! It pains me a lot to see these degenration !

Replied by VIF : Indians are essentially tolerant people and are used to living in coexistence. The Indian pluralistic society has in general provided a base for all to understand and appreciate our diversities as well as our individual distinctiveness. But there are certain sections that has at times indulged in creating divisions within people and society at large. The problem mentioned indeed, is actually a global phenomenon. Societies at large are becoming polarized and identity politics are assuming larger spaces than ever before. Several incidents of mindless attacks including on hapless innocent citizens including children does reveal a picture of growing hatred..

Suresh Baldaniya asked :My question is on hybrid warfare. Does China posses the capability and will power to pose hybrid threat against India? If yes, then what kind of operational preparedness is needed to deal with that threat? If the answer is no, then do we still expect threats in terms of information and psychological warfare from China in the near future ?

Replied by VIF :

  1. Warfare is, has it has ever been, a professional exercise of mind and spirit involving many strategic, operational and tactical innovations. It requires the political and military leadership to adopt appropriate mixes of many methods of warfare - regular conventional, irregular guerrilla, sub-conventional insurgent, overt and covert special operations, instigation of civil rebellion and psychological warfare – and as dictated by constantly changing situations, blend the mix to right proportions. Many times, these modes of warfare are bolstered by unarmed actions such as economic, institutional, diplomatic and political and sabotage and subversion. ..

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