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Virtual Vimarsh on 'Indo-US Relations' by Amb Arun Singh

To discuss the trends in Indo-US relations and the potential trajectory of the bilateral partnership, the Vivekananda International Foundation organised a virtual Vimarsh on 29 October. The opening remarks were made by the VIF director Dr. Arvind Gupta. A detailed presentation on the theme was made by career diplomat Amb. Arun K Singh who has previously served as the Indian ambassador in the US, France and Israel. He is currently a member of the National Security Advisory Board (NSAB) as well as a distinguished fellow at VIF. Trends in Indo-US Relations

Joint VIF-Heritage Interaction on “Future Trajectory of Indo-US Relations”

The Vivekananda International Foundation and The Heritage Foundation, USA jointly organized a web-based interaction session to deliberate upon the future trajectory of Indo-US relationship in the post-COVID era. The discussion centered around three major themes: (i) US-China Decoupling and its Implications on the Global Economy; (ii) Impact of Covid-19 in further Enhancing the India-US Partnership in all fields; and (iii) US Concept of a Second Marshall Plan. While Dr. Arvind Gupta, Amb. Kanwal Sibal, Amb. Ashok Kantha and Amb. Arun K.

The US-China Bout: Who’s on the Ropes

The world is witnessing momentous shifts in geopolitics, and in fact, in every facet of human life. The US-China zero-sum game for dominance may well define pathways nations take to bring prosperity to their people in the next decade. This paper attempts to track current issues of this ‘race’ especially after a change of presidency in the US. In particular, issues in the Indo-Pacific in terms of fast-changing policies of both powers are explored from the Indian perspective.

Significance & Potential of Indo-US Relations in the Post-Covid World : Interaction with Amb. Kenneth Juster

The VIF hosted a special web-based interaction session with H.E. Mr. Kenneth Juster, Ambassador of U.S. to India on May 28, 2020. Amb. Juster spoke about the evolving geopolitical scenario in a post-Pandemic world, and the crucial position that U.S.-India strategic partnership occupies in it. A select group of attendees comprising of veteran diplomats and bureaucrats engaged in discussion and deliberations over the future trajectory of India-US partnership.

VIF Delegation in Washington Dc

A delegation from the VIF comprising Director, Dr Arvind Gupta, Lt. Gen. Ravi Sawhney and Dr. Harinder Sekhon visited Washington DC from 11 to 15 Nov 2019 for the annual return meetings – a bilateral on India-US relations with the Hudson Institute and a trilateral dialogue with the Heritage Foundation and the Jerusalem Centre. This opportunity was used by the VIF to hold other important meetings both with the Indian Embassy and with the US establishment.

Sreeram Chaulia, Trumped; Emerging power in a post-American world, 2019, Bloomsbury, New Delhi.

Sreeram Chaulia’s thought-provoking book, Trumped; Emerging Powers in a Post-American World is likely to trigger a debate on the impact of the disruption in the global order brought out by Trump’s ‘America First’ policy. The author’s key argument is that Trump through his policies has “created unique window of opportunity for regional powers to rise up and fill the vacuums America leaves behind”. He has chosen India, Turkey, Brazil, and Nigeria as case studies to bolster his thesis.

Interaction with the Heritage Foundation (Washington DC, USA)

The brainstorming session was devoted to Indo-US bilateral relations, developments in the South China Sea and Indo-Pacific, stabilising South Asia, and US-China relations. In bilateral domain, strengthening US-India defence cooperation, and issues of CAATSA, H1B1 and hurdles in trade and economic relations were discussed.

2+2 Dialogue and Indo U.S. Relations

... moving the defence engagement a notch higher, the two nations are now focused on enhancing closer private defence industry collaboration which will help Indian defence manufacturers in boosting the Modi government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative ... at a strategic level, India’s need to balance its interests between the United States, China, and Russia, maintaining relations with regional partners such as Iran, are also a significant factor ...

US-China Trade War: Analyses of Deeper Nuances and Wider Implications

… China is unsatisfied with the degree of accommodation offered by the US and the US is uncomfortable with the strategic demands made by China … US wants China to reduce its trade deficit … an unrealistic request given the time it would take to adjust supply chains and given the US consumers' demand for Chinese products … and that China opens up more sectors to investment and trade without restriction ... America holds almost all the high cards in trade with China, and almost none of Beijing’s supposed points of pressure are real threats.

US Ambassador’s Visit to the Vivekananda International Foundation

The Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) hosted His Excellency Kenneth Juster, the United States Ambassador to India, on 31 August 2018. Dr. Arvind Gupta, Director VIF welcomed the Ambassador to the interaction that was attended by former diplomats, military officers and scholars. Coming as it did just a week before the US-India 2+2 Strategic Dialogue scheduled to be held in New Delhi on 6th September 2018, the conversation was about recent developments in India-US bilateral relations, the forthcoming 2+2 Dialogue and the road ahead.

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