Technological and Scientific Studies
Winning the War Against Space Debris: An International Imperative

… there is a massive amount of space debris already in orbit … the amount will continue to grow … debris removal methods and their quick operationalisation will have to find ways to co-exist and promote the ongoing safety, security, and sustainability of space …

Semiconductor FABs: A National Mission

… improvements in semiconductor and related technologies would have direct impact on the security, economy, society, and human society ... chip dependent systems would contribute substantially towards the comprehensive power of the nations and would be the harbinger of ‘technological sovereignty’ ... a revolution is brewing up and India must be proactive ...

Swami Vivekananda and Sister Nivedita: Pioneers of Indian Scientific Research

…. These personalities were intellectual giants in their respective fields … they were willing to accommodate each others, views for the larger goal of India's scientific development … more than 100 years back, foresight of these greats remains awe-inspiring … their vision in creating an atmosphere of scientific learning and research are astounding ….

Protection of National Critical Information Infrastructure

India is in the next phase of digital transformation. The digital presence of economic and national security infrastructure is growing in the country at a rapid pace. All critical infrastructures are dependent and have integrated cyber technologies for management, control, and operations. Different types of software are in use. The critical systems are under various types of cyber-attacks. The complexity and numbers of attacks against critical information infrastructureare increasingand becoming sophisticated by the day.

India in Space Domain - Pathbreaking Developments

… in global politics, a new arms race in the form of military-oriented applications for space is becoming dominant .. space assets therefore are attractive targets for adversaries .. capability to use space for commercial, scientific and military purposes has become a critical factor of national power …

Social Media in Violent Conflicts – Recent Examples

… the very technology that is cause of the problem, can be used to correct it too .. Artificial Intelligence can help social media platforms spot lies, identify doctored videos and photographs and track the dissemination of falsehoods by domestic and foreign users .. Social media companies can be persuaded, covertly or overtly, to cooperate with the national security apparatus …

The Curious Case of Huawei

China’s journey from being an agrarian economy to one of the largest economies with a strong military and cyber capabilities is commendable. However, its military and cyber capabilities are built upon relentless efforts to steal critical military and technical information of other countries, mainly the United States (US). Leading Chinese companies, including one of the telecom giants—Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. (hereafter Huawei), are taking advantage of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects to access the competitive neighbourhood nations.

Rare Earth: Has US Lost the Technology Battle Against China?

“A Chinese company bought Magnequench,” “Not only did the jobs go to China, but so did the intellectual property and the technological know-how to make those magnets…. I’m not comfortable with the fact that we now have to buy magnets for our bombs from China,” said the exasperated Senator Hillary Clinton in a speech in Pittsburgh on April 14, 2008.

Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies: Maritime and Naval Operations

Commercial and military operations at sea and ashore across the globe are in the throes of technological and organisational transformation led by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies. These are impacting every aspect of the maritime industry necessitating `up-skilling, reskilling and retooling`. Industry leaders recognize the importance of 4IR and are adopting innovative models for their operations.

A Lifetime of Moulding Technology and Science Policy in India: A Festschrift in Honour of Professor Ashok Parthasarathi, Editor: Sachin Chaturvedi, Academic Foundation, 2017, 128 pp, ISBN: 9789332703551, Price: Rs 795

Science and Technology (S&T) has assumed great salience in India’s development and security matrix. In last few years’ policy initiatives like Make-in-India, Start-up-India and Digital India Programme have further given an impetus to this thought process. However, to fully grasp the development of S&T in India, we must understand it from a historical perspective. This is where the foundation of these policies and structures rests.

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