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The Pathfinder - VIF Webinar on Connectivity between India and Sri Lanka

On 07 April 2021, Pathfinder Foundation ([PF) and Vivekananda International Foundation organised a webinar on ‘Connectivity between India and Sri Lanka’. Dr Arvind Gupta, Director VIF, welcomed the participants and delivered the opening remarks. The webinar included brief presentations by Professor Rohan Samarajiva, Mr Bipul Chaterjee, Mr Sanjay Chadha, and Dr Ravi Rathnayake, followed by remarks from Mr Abdul Azeez, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sri Lanka. The webinar is part of a series of webinars to understand the prospects of connectivity between India and Sri Lanka.

Bilateral Meeting Vivekananda International Foundation (India) & the Pathfinder Foundation (Sri Lanka)

On 17 August 2020, the Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) organised a bilateral meeting in collaboration with the Pathfinder Foundation (Sri Lanka) on “India - Sri Lanka relations”. Dr Arvind Gupta - Director of the VIF, welcomed the participants - Amb.

Round Table Discussion on Sri Lanka: Reeling Under the Attack

A round table discussion (RTD) was held on 16th May 2019 at the VIF to discuss the recent terror attacks in Sri Lanka. The discussants included Major General Ashok Mehta, Dr Adil Rashid, Dr Smruti Pattanaik, Prof S D Muni, Dr Sreeradha Datta, Ambassador Anil Wadhwa and Professor Sujit Dutta. Dr Arvind Gupta, Director, VIF, opened the discussion by marking the recent terror attacks in Colombo on 21st April 2019, as the one of the worst and most significant attacks of the recent times.

VIF-Pathfinder Foundation: Discussion on India-Sri Lanka Bilateral Cooperation for Promoting Blue Economy

16-17 May 2017, the VIF and Pathfinder Foundation, Sri Lanka, jointly held a three-session Round Table Discussion on India-Sri Lanka bilateral cooperation. The focus was on promoting ‘blue economy’, relatively a new concept that focuses on sustainable exploitation of marine resources for benefits of the world in general and that for the coastal states in particular. The first session focused on sustainable exploitation of aquatic living resources like fish and other life forms.

Trincomalee Consultation, 16 – 17 Feb 2017, Colombo

The ‘Trincomalee Consultation 2017’, a Track 1.5 dialogue, was organized by the Pathfinder Foundation (Sri Lanka) in collaboration with Carnegie India to discuss the development of Trincomalee port as regional hub for the Bay of Bengal. The Consultation was held in Colombo from 16 – 17 Feb 17 with support from the Japanese and Norwegian Embassies in Colombo. A team from Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) comprising Commodore Gopal Suri and Ms Anushree Ghisad attended the dialogue.

Sri Lanka: The Unfinished Part of the Eelam War

While many are optimistic about the Maithripala Sirisena government’s ability to make progress on reconciliation, some systemic issues need to be addressed which not only demands political will, but also requires cooperation from diaspora, civil society and all sections of Lankan society. Click here to read full paper

Interaction with Hon’ble Jayampathy Wikramaratne, Member of Parliament, Sri Lanka

The VIF on 14 April 2016 hosted hon’ble Jayampathy Wickramaratne, Member of Parliament (Sri Lanka) and Chairman of the Committee on Constitution Reforms for an interaction on the Constitution-making process in Sri Lanka, a process that got underway in January 2016 with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe setting up a committee of experts in his office to assist legislators in drafting a new Constitution.

Visit of VIF Delegation to Sri Lanka

1. A VIF-CII delegation headed by Gen. NC Vij and comprising of Lt. Gen Ravi Sawhney, Mr. CD Sahay, Ambassador Alok Prasad, Mr. Manish Mohan, Regional Director International for South and Central Asia of CII AND Mr. Pankaj Mohan, Vice president KEC Ltd. visited Sri Lanka from 7-10 December 2015. During the visit the delegation met a large number of experts, political and economic analysts invited by the Pathfinder Foundation, representatives of the Tamil community, and senior members of the Buddhist mahasangha.

Round table on India-Sri Lanka Relations

Experts and scholars from Pathfinder Foundation, Sri Lanka and members of VIF Faculty discussed a broad range of bilateral issues between India and Sri Lanka on 09 December 2014. The Sri Lankan team was led by Amb. Bernard Goonetilleke, Chairman, and consisted of two other scholars, Dr. VK Valsan and Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy. General NC Vij, Director, VIF, led the VIF’s battery of experts, including, among others, Lt Gen Ravi Sawhney, Amb RS Kalha, Amb TCA Rangachari, Mr CD Sahay, and Lt Gen Ata Hasnain.

Interaction with H. E. Mr Prasad Kariyawasam

On August 8, 2013, VIF welcomed the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to India, His Excellency Mr. Prasad Kariyawasam for an interaction on various aspects of relations between India and Sri Lanka.

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