Emergence of China as a Military Space Power and Ramifications for India’s Security
Pushpinder Bath

China’s space programme can be described as a mystery within a maze. The visible elements of the programme include space launch vehicles, launch sites and satellite systems. However, various components of its organisational structure and architecture are shrouded in obscurity. Since the birth of China’s space programme in 1956, its development has mirrored the progress of the nation as a whole. China’s space industry, during the course of last fifty years has developed from being near non-existent to becoming highly advanced in the field of satellite recovery, multi-satellite launches, cryogenic fueled rockets, strap-on boosters, geostationary and navigational satellites and micro gravity experiments.

The world at large is in favour of keeping space as a conflict free zone since it affects humanity and is a global common. Despite all the peace initiatives to control arms race in space, there are some countries that are working behind the curtains to militarise and probably even weaponise space.

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