Warring Minds & Cognitive Ammo
Air Vice Marshal (Retd) Rajesh Isser, AVSM,VM (G)

Warfare’s most visible element is blurring of lines between wars and peace, competitors and adversaries, future friends and foes, and such like. It is an age of perception shaping and dominating the ‘truth’. The Chinese have embraced this for centuries. Reflexive control, creating and dealing with complexity, strategic foresight and sharp power projection are just some facets of this battle for the minds. The core strength of a nation is the ability of its informed leaders to envision the future and take correct and optimal decisions to guide all national endeavours. Scenario planning, war gaming, envisaging contingencies are just some of the tools in hand. There are vexing variables to consider such as power of narratives, proxies and galloping advances in technology. Strategising for such mind games has to be coordinated at an apex national level.

Warring Minds & Cognitive Ammo1.64 MB

Good read.


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