Have The Chinese Core Interests Increased?
Ashish Sirsikar

The term “Core Interests” caught the world’s attention in the early part of the present century on account of China repeatedly using this term on varied occasions in different contexts. While initially, the Chinese only spoke of preserving their core interests, it is only towards the end of the first decade of the present century that they got down to enunciating them in some form or the other. Subsequently, they elaborated upon them further without going into specifics. On account of this, the jury is still out as to what exactly construe to be Chinese core interests. Keeping this in mind and the fact that “Chinese Core Interests” are of vital concern to all, it is essential that an analysis be carried out to discern/infer specific Chinese core interests. Further from an Indian context, it would also be prudent to understand the implications of these on it. This occasional paper attempts to find answers to these important concerns.

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