Health Infrastructure in India: Critical Analysis of Policy Gaps in the Indian Healthcare Delivery
Avneesh Kumar

Today the health infrastructure of India is in pathetic condition, it needs radical reforms to deal with new emerging challenges. On the one hand the role of private players is continuously increasing in healthcare sector, but simultaneously healthcare facilities are getting costly, and becoming non-accessible for the poor. The government hospitals are facing the problem of lack of resources and infrastructure; there are inadequate number of beds, rooms, and medicines. In this research paper the authors have discussed the present scenario of healthcare facilities and personnel. On the part of government there is lack of monitoring of the funds and resources, which are devoted towards the improvement of healthcare sector. The authors have suggested a model healthcare plan which devolves around preparing a long term strategy for qualitative as well as quantitative improvements i¬¬n our healthcare infrastructure by focusing on workforce capacity and competency, information and data systems, and organizational capacity.

Full Paper in pdf format is available here

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