A Waning Conventional Deterrence- A National Security Portent

The last decade has been awash with incidents of Chinese belligerence on India’s borders, in the North and North East. The long period of supposed peace and tranquility has actually worked to the strategic advantage of China as it enabled a widespr

IAF’s Revised Doctrine 2022: An Overview

The Indian Air Force has very recently published the third iteration of its Doctrine, a document which forges the close connect between India’s national security and its air power. Few are probably aware that the IAF has also been elevated to the t

Russia’s Military Understanding of Air Power: Structural & Doctrinal Aspects

The fog of war continues to hangover Ukraine even after eighty days, especially with facts difficult to discern amongst the information war running in parallel, biased reportage, and contradictory narratives based on the wide swath of international p

Russo-Ukraine War: Air Power Analysis

The inexplicably constrained role of the Vozdushno-kosmicheskiye sily (VKS) or the Russian Aerospace Force till now has left all followers of the conflict confused. Given the disparity in the inventorysize and quality of assets, between the small Pov

The Absence of Air Power in India’s Security Narratives

India’s security narrative of the region has been largely driven by the coercive diplomacy which China has chosen to pursue as a part of its national security strategy. Border stand offs in Arunachal in the near recent past and Ladakh currently, un


Introduction The term Air Defence (AD), is simplistically understood by most as defence of a nation’s territory from an enemy’s air attacks. For a professional air power practitioner however, AD today means much more. It encompasses a wider re

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