Hydroxychloroquine: Pandemic, Parasites and Politics

In this six month long mercurial quest for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infected patients, winners are far from declared. Among the various antiviral treatments tested or deployed to inhibit the viral growth, hydroxychloroquine has had an unparalleled

COVID-19: Visible Arrows, but Still in the Quiver

The pandemic outbreak has caught almost the entire global population on the hop. The rare retreat from the regular has sent the world in a tizzy. However, while this indefinite hiatus has put a halt on the “natural” course of actions, the researc

Experiments & Applications: S&T in Coronavirus Pandemic

Throughout the history of pandemics, technology has played its role in many ways in proliferating infectious diseases to a wider area. However, it’s the same science and technology (S&T) research and innovations that also provide a way out of such

Technology 2019: Another Year of Breakthroughs

Introduction The world is at the cusp of Fourth Industrial Revolution. 2019 has emphasised on the opportunities and growth from a sound digital economy. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Internet of Things (IOT), Natural

Digital Empowerment of Myanmar

Introduction On Oct 1, 2019, Myanmar celebrated “U-day”, to mark the official transition from its homegrown digital font Zawgyi (pronounced as “zaw-jee”) to a unified font conforming to the international standards of “Unicode”.1 This

To the Moon and Beyond: Time for India to Strengthen its ‘Space’ Muscles

Lunar exploration missions date back to the very beginning of space exploration itself. In over a year’s time following Sputnik, the advances in aerospace technologies were made to enable forays into our closest neighbour in outer space. The desire

The Inevitable Security Dilemma of the Space

The space age began with the launch of Sputnik in 1957 by the erstwhile USSR and transpired to be an eminent infrastructure to back the nuclear and conventional military capabilities of the two super powers in the cold war era, as it assuaged the mis

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