India China Border Dispute Packets of Information to Continuous Spectrum

China Factor: A Seven Decades Old Dispute Debated on Packets of Information In recent times - especially after the Galwan incident of 15 June 2020, Sino Indian border dispute is the most intensely debated topic in Indian media. The contents and

Longewala December 1971: If it Was Fought as a Unified Theatre Command Battle

Longewala- an Opportunity Lost On 4 December 1971 when Indian forces were advancing into erstwhile East Pakistan, the Pakistanis decided to advance into Rajasthan along Axis Ramgarh – Jaisalmerand beyond. It was past midnight when sixty odd sold

A Perspective on Kashmir Situation: Tunneled View and Wide-Angle Scan

Setting the Panorama While India was in her biggest ‘festival mood’, the Home Minister was in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir on a two-day visit to Rajouri and Baramulla. Since the announcement for this visit on 4th and 5th October 2

Indigenization of Defence Production: India’s Journey from Vision to Outcomes

The Changing Landscape of Defence Production in India In 2013 India was the top importer of arms. This dubious distinction stayed for the next five years- accounting for 12% of total global imports by all the countries[1]. Though China spent thre

Freebie Debate: and Kautilya’s Arthashastra

The Genesis On 14 April 22 the BBC reported Sri Lankan Prime Minister telling the Army “Do whatever is necessary to restore order”. The Sri Lankan President Gaotabaya Rajapaksha had fled the country. Inflation reached 50% and most essential go

Digital Rupee and Use of Blockchain Technology Unleashing a New Revolution

An Announcement that can Transform Indian Economy The Indian Finance Minister in her budget speech on 01 February 2022 made a small announcement at Paragraph 111 about introducing digital currency (Central Bank Digital Currency) using blockchain

India 1952-1976 and 2014-2021: Two Periods of Political Stability- A Comparative Analysis

People’s Mandates since Independence The first general elections of 1951 in independent India installed a single party-(Indian National Congress INC for short), majority government at the center as also in all the states. The trend continued til

दो नगरों की कहानी: ढाका मार्च 12, 1972 और काबुल 30 अगस्त 2021

पांच दशक और डेढ़ हजार मील की दूरी में विभाजित दो घटनाएं- जब से अमेरिका ने अफगानिस्तान से अपना त

An Assessment of International Coalition Forces Intervention in Afghanistan

The Al Qaeda attack on the twin towers on 9 September 2001 turned America’s global war on terror into a crusade. The operation Enduring Freedom commenced in Afghanistan on 07 October 2001 followed by Desert Storm in Iraq (2003). Our focus in th

A Tale of Two Cities: Dacca March 12, 1972 and Kabul August 30, 2021

Two Events Separated by Five Decades and One and half Thousands Miles Since the time the US decided to leave Afghanistan the media is full of its coverage and resultant reverberations across the world. Everyone agrees that it is too early to form

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