India’s Cyber Deterrence Against China

Cyber Threats from China: Chinese Offensive Capabilities and Modus Operandi China raised cyber war units way back in 20031. Major objectives of these units has been cyber surveillance, manipulating network data, disseminating propaganda, misinform

Fifth Generation (5G) Cellular Communication: Technology and Geopolitics

What Makes 5G Wireless Communication So Different? The steady growth from first to fourth generation mobile communication was smooth, rapid and vastly beneficial to the Information, and Communication Technology (ICT) related industries. This dra

Information War Waged by China against India

In May 2020 the Indian media covered news of large scale Chinese intrusion in Ladakh1. This was followed by a series of articles by the mainstream media about how the current government had failed to safeguard the territorial integrity of the nation2

भारत में तबलीगी जमात: फैलाव और असर

तबलीगी जमात का संक्षिप्त परिचय भारत में कोविड-19 महामारी फैलने के साथ ही तबलीगी जमात भी देसी मीड

Net War in India: in the Context of Current Turbulence

The Current Turbulence Relevant to India The most visible events that impact the collective consciousness of Indian population today are connected with Sino Indian confrontation in the East, Pakistan sponsored proxy war post abrogation of Article

Tablighi Jamaat in India: Evolution and Impact

Brief Profile of Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) The outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic in India coincided with headlines news in the Indian media on TJ. On 2 April 20 Lav Agarwal Joint Secretary Ministry of Health and Family Welfare stated ‘COVID-19 cases are

Artificial Intelligence, Communication and Big Data for Information War

The Issue The combination of two words information and war into a phrase Information War (IW) does not convey much if taken in isolation. The concepts and theories that have been built around it bring out the idea, components and strategies for co

India’s Geopolitical Posturing and Conflict Termination

The Issue A nation needs to assess her geo-political position in consonance with regional threat environment, aspirations of her people, economic growth and military power. Excessive aggression leads to instability. At the same time, indications o

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