India in Space Domain - Pathbreaking Developments

… in global politics, a new arms race in the form of military-oriented applications for space is becoming dominant .. space assets therefore are attractive targets for adversaries .. capability to use space for commercial, scientific and military p

Social Media in Violent Conflicts – Recent Examples

… the very technology that is cause of the problem, can be used to correct it too .. Artificial Intelligence can help social media platforms spot lies, identify doctored videos and photographs and track the dissemination of falsehoods by domestic

Locust Invasion in India

It has been a double whammy. As the nation is reeling under the effects of COVID-19 pandemic, India has to fight another menace: locust invasion. Massive swarms of desert locusts have devoured crops across seven states of western and central India in

China’s Defence White Paper – An Analysis

… Beijing’s latest Defence White Paper reads more as a report card on the status of PLA reforms than a strategic policy document. This White Paper identifies the United States as the single most precarious threat to China’s national security an

5G, Huawei and India

… 5G and Huawei is not a technical issue, it is a complex strategic issue. Huawei is already inside India’s backbone network. Its network equipment are part of India’s armed forces’ classified networks. But by banning Huawei India’s securit

U.S. National Cyber Strategy and Department of Defence (DoD) Cyber Strategy: An Analysis

… India’s national security establishments and the armed forces need to … take appropriate action wherever required to improve India’s posture in the cyber domain. Publishing a National Cyber Strategy and Cyber Strategy for the Ministry of De

What is Happening in Tibet

... Tibetans are imprisoned for expressing their opinions or beliefs ... monasteries are under police surveillance ... the Chinese Communist Party – not Tibetan Buddhists – has the authority to identify and appoint reincarnated Tibetan Lamas,

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