Libya – the Unfortunate Domain of International Competition: Berlin and Beyond

Soon it will be almost a decade of destruction in Libya which in many ways could be the worst extension of the four decades of Gaddafi’s autocratic rule. On February 17, 2011 ecstatic Libyans had jubilantly marched their revolution for a ‘New Lib

West Asia Roundup - December 2019

Abstract: Year 2019, in keeping with the ongoing trend of conflicts and hotspots in the region, ended in heightening tensions between US and Iran which does not portend well for 2020. Iraq has been facing series of demonstrations and consequent

US and Iran in an Uneasy Calm

President Trump has the uncanny habit of surprising the world by his unique and often contentious tweets on foreign policy issues. But this time it pleased many. “All is Well” tweeted President Trump after 20 odd Iranian missiles apparently targe

भारत-मंगोलिया -आध्यात्मिक पड़ोसी

जब हम मंगोलिया की बात करते हैं तो हमें वहाँ हाड़ कंपानेवाली ठंड, इसकी भारत से दूरी और इसकी सुंदर

Role of Civilizational Dialogue in Countering Terrorism and Radicalisation

Since the latter half of 20th century radicalisation and acts of terrorism have become a global challenge. Non-state actors often supported by “Evil” states cause an incalculable damage on the civilised and peace-loving societies. Political ends

West Asia Round-up - November 2019

Overview Efforts are underway to de-escalate tensions between Iran on the one side and the US and Saudi Arabia on the other. Oman’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Yusuf bin Alawi had met Secretary Pompeo in Washington and second time car

West Asia Round-Up: October 2019

Abstract Arab Spring 2.0 is in full view. The Middle East continued to reverberate with protests and demonstrations against regimes in several countries leading to the exit or resignations of the leaders in Lebanon and Iraq in the same vein as

The Arab Spring 2.0 in Full Swing

The cinders of the Arab Spring of 2010-11 have been reignited after smouldering for a while given the mixed outcomes and unfulfilled promises and expectations. The countries starting with Tunisia, that underwent the revolutions, witnessed minor chang

West Asia Round Up: September, 2019

Abstract The Persian Gulf Crisis The Middle East continued to worry the world especially in the wake of drone attacks on the two Saudi oil facilities that reduced the Saudi oil output by almost half. It displayed the vulnerability of crucial Sa

India and Mongolia – The Spiritual Neighbours

Ironically, when one thinks of Mongolia the utter winter, cold climate, distance and exotic nature claim the mind-space. This is one country where Indians are loved probably due to the Buddhist connection and Himalayan heritage of the Mongolian peopl

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