शिंज़ो अबे को श्रद्धांजलि

प्रेरणा गांधी, एसोसियेट फ़ेलो, VIF “एक राजनीतिक के रूप में मैंने विफलताएँ देखी हैं और केवल इस व

A Tribute to Late Shinzo Abe

“I have experienced failure as a politician and for that very reason I am ready to give everything for Japan.” - Shinzo Abe (wrote in 2012) Shinzo Abe would go on to give his all to Japan a decade later. India awoke to horror on 08 July 2022 a

China is Edging over the US: Upcoming Ramifications

The US politically turning against China has been a defining interruption in China’s great power rise. It has led to a concerted effort to challenge China for its every misdemeanor, by leveraging on group dynamics. The friendly international ambian

Impact of Western Sanctions on Russia: Unintended Ramifications

The fog of war isn’t just affecting the military aspects of the Ukraine war but going beyond to fundamentally alter an international system that was already turbulent. In this context, the gamut of western economic sanctions on Russia are going bey

India-Japan Summit: Reinforced Commitment under the Ukraine Shadow

In normal times, the 70th Anniversary of bilateral ties between India and Japan would have been celebrated with much fanfare; yet the occasion was marked with the 14th Annual Summit in New Delhi after the previous one had been held in Tokyo in Oct 20

Who after Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga?

In an unexpected turn of events on Sept 03, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced to media that he intended to step down as Prime Minister and would withdraw his candidacy from the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) presidential elections due September

Recognizing the Rise of the Private Military Contractors

“The disjunction between the seriousness of international politics and the triviality of international relations theory is quite startling.” —Professor R. B. J. Walker Despite the current international tensions and the narrative of multipolar

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