How Pakistan Outwitted the US on Taliban Peace

On 15th August, the Taliban, an insurgent group of Jihadi extremists with medieval values, captured Kabul in a bloodless coup. The 3,50,0001 strong army of ANDSF, equipped with far superior weaponry and trained and developed by the US over the last 2

A New Kashmir in the Making

The abrogation of Article 370, nearly two years back, effectively marked the end of Kashmir’s special status. Indeed, this was nothing short of a revolution. It unleashed a series of sweeping changes, ushering in an era of tectonic transformation a

Internet Lockdowns: Is There Any Other Way Out?

India's internet revolution is fast transforming its political, social, cultural, and technological landscape. One of the most critical factors that ensured the landslide victory of PM Modi with his razor-sharp and a straight-forward nationalist dis

Jammu and Kashmir: Reaction to the Abrogation of Article 370

There is no dearth of intellectuals and strategic experts deliberating on the post-370 Kashmir and the emerging trends in militancy. In the intellectual milieu, overwhelmingly dominated by Kashmir-centric militancy, often, Jammu never gets its due at

Pulwama Charge Sheet: Lessons for Future

On Aug 25, 2020, NIA (National Investigation Agency) filed the charge sheet in the Pulwama fidayeen attack in Jammu court, after 16 months of rigorous and intensive investigation (The Print, Aug. 25, 2020). NIA's charge sheet, a bulky document runnin

Pakistan’s 14th Amendment Act: Forcible Annexation and Hidden Chinese Colonial Project

It seems that the Indian media is either completely oblivious of devastating developments happening in Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, or they hardly seem to bother about it. As one can see, several mainstream media outlets of India ran fabricat

Assessing India’s Abrogation of article 370, and Kashmir’s Journey Ahead

On August 5th, 2019, Modi government nullified the article 370 and scrapped article 35 A, the backbone of article 370. It was indeed a historic moment for India as article 370, in essence, had become a dead weight providing a robust protective shield

Jihadi Terror Enters Sri Lanka

Almost exactly ten years after the end of the decades-long civil war in Sri Lanka, a horrendous wave of jihadi terrorism has made a terrifying re-entry. Eight near simultaneous bomb blasts were carried out across the country in Colombo, Negombo, Koch

Review of Governor’s Rule in J&K and the Way Forward

After the break-up of the tumultuous political alliance between the PDP-BJP (19th June 2018), Governor’s Rule was imposed in the State for the eight’s time on June 20, 2018. Once again, it seemed that the history has destined to write-off any pos

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