Ban on Popular Front of India - A Long Overdue Step

… strong legal measures, including a law on radicalization and terror funding are the need of the hour to clearly state that attempts to challenge India’s unity and integrity will be firmly dealt with ... red-lines need to be drawn for the media,

Kashmir - Is the Time Ripe for a New Outreach Strategy?

India’s historic move on August 5, 2019, heralded a new era in Jammu and Kashmir, a state which witnessed an uncertain political status and 30 years of Pak-sponsored Jihadist militancy. Before the abrogation of article 370, the normal life had come

Turkey’s Islamist Agenda in India

Post revocation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, India faced a month and a half long diplomatic ordeal at various multilateral diplomatic platforms. India successfully navigated the dire strategic straits with most of the countries either support

Post 370 Kashmir - Roadmap for the future and Emerging Security Challenges

As Jammu and Kashmir enters the fifth month since the abrogation of Article 370, the national and international media, opposition leaders, and many public intellectuals have continued to repeatedly raise serious concerns about the security and commun

Kashmir - A New Chapter Begins

… the recent decisions of abrogation of Article 370 along with Article 35A, and bifurcation of the State … are indeed historic and will help the State and its people, chart out for itself/themselves a new future of peace, progress and integratio

Cryptocurrencies: A New Scourge of Terror Financing counter-terrorism community has serious concerns over the use of cryptocurrencies by terrorist groups for terror financing … this essay examines some of the recent cases of the use of virtual currencies for terror financing, and the use o

Terror Financing: Battle beyond the Banks

… FATF pronouncements are sensitive to the requirements of better information sharing between the law enforcement agencies, banking sector, governments, and the private sector … it is also engaging police officers, judges and prosecutors to impro

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