Commentary: First Ever Swarm Attack has Happened

'We knew this day was coming' – Anon Open sources are reporting that the Russian air base at Khmeimim and Tartus naval facility in West Syria have been struck on 05 Jan 18 by a SWARM of home-made drones. This is the first time that such a coordi

Why Hunter Killer Casualties are Inevitable? - A Technical Analysis

Drone strikes, as a part of targeted killing campaigns against jihadist militants in various parts of the world (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Syria and more), have always suffered with one common negative end product, i.e., unintended c

The Fascinating Journey of The Evolution of the Unmanned

Ever since the arrival of the unmanned aerial systems (UAS) on the scene, the battlefield has never been the same. In that, on one hand the attackers are exploiting many of the combat capabilities of UAS, the defenders are busy in harnessing new tech

Commentary: Year End Missile Launch by DRDO - An Important Milestone

On 28 Dec 17, DRDO launched a supersonic interceptor missile (referred to as Advanced Air Defence or AAD Missile) which achieved a direct hit on its intended target at a low altitude of 15 km. The launch not only validated the realisation of the cap

Commentary - Takeaways from Joint Exercises; Some Tangible Mostly Intangible

Indian armed forces continue to engage with a large number of friendly foreign counties for the conduct military exercises. Most of these are yearly or biannual events conducted alternatively in each other’s location. For instance, in our immediate

Services Qualitative Requirement (SQR): Need To Realise the Potential of New Provisions

Making the Services Qualitative Requirement (SQR) for a weapon system or an equipment not only marks the beginning of a defence procurement case, but also is a foundation on which rests the entire edifice of the subsequent procedure. Whether the effo

Changing Contours of Air Threat and its Implications in our Scenario

“Air power may either end war or end civilisation”.1 - Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 1933 Since the raison d’etre for the existence of air defence, be it on land, sea or in the air, is to counter the air threat from the adversary, an

Some Lessons from Doklam

While the resolution of the Doklam stand-off as reported by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on 28 Aug is being hailed as a diplomatic breakthrough and an achievement of sorts for India in the open source reports, this work tries to revisit the

Beyond the Rhetoric - The Bottom line Challenges for Ground Based Air Defence

Gun Systems No country the word over ever throws away its old calibres (implying gun systems). Russia is still going strong with its 57 mm, 85 mm air defence guns (besides the newer vintage of 23 mm and 30 mm). Sweden, Italy, and Singapore with t

Three Stages of Indo-Russian Defence Relations: A Military Perspective

Abstract This Apr this year, India and Russia celebrated 70 years of their diplomatic relations. The occasion was marked with reciprocal visits of the Heads of State to each other's country. While PM Modi wrote 'India, Russia relations have withst

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