The Power of the ‘God of War’: Assessing the Russian advantage in Artillery in the Russo-Ukrainian War

The God of War Way back in 1944, when the ferocity of World War II was at its peak, Joseph Stalin made a statement; ‘Artillery is the God of War’. His remarks probably related to the fact that most of the combat deaths in the two World Wars and

Indigenisation: A New Awakening- Where are We Headed?

Setting the Perspective The Recent Past It was not very long ago when the word ‘indigenisation’ of defence equipment used to draw passive and uninspiring thoughts in the mind. Handled by a solitary branch under the Corps of EME in the Army, and

Ukraine: How is the Air and Air Defence War Unfolding ?

A Sequel This work is the sequel to the author’s earlier work titled, “Why the Ukrainian skies are still contested” available at[1]. Building on the thread of the earlier analysis, this work brings forward the assessment to th

Why the Ukrainian Skies are still Contested- An Assessment

The posers that demand an answer:- This work attempts an answer to the following posers in the context of the on-going air war between Russia and Ukraine:- How the forces measured up on both sides? How come till date, a mighty Air Force of a cou

Drone swarms - a grave threat. Where are we?

Mass swarms of dozens or hundreds of drones guided by AI are increasingly being touted as the new lethal threats in the modern battlefield. The world got a taste of this emerging military technology in May 2021 during the 11-day conflict between Isr

Cruise Missiles : where are we ? Where are our Potential Adversaries? What way ahead?

The Trigger Event The morning chill on the 21stof Jan 22 got broken with a ‘warm’ news from the DRDO announcing the successful test firing of the Brahmos supersonic cruise missile from its test range in Odisha. While many will see this as

Making a Sense of Chinese Hypersonic Threat- The Big Picture

Hypersonic Weapons – ‘the New Age Arsenal’ Hypersonic weapons are ‘big news’ these days. One of the virtues that has propelled these so called ‘new age weapons’ to high eminence is the claim that these are ‘unstoppable’ by any k

Defence Exports: Challenges, Opportunities and Imperatives

Premise This work is based on the premise that the current level of defence exports in India is well short of its stipulated targets and there is a need for revamping the same. Layout The analysis is laid out as under:- Current status vi

Corporatisation of Ordnance Factory Board –An Analysis

A Bold Decision – Govt Walks the Talk Something big happened on 16 June 2021. In a run time of less than a year from first open announcement, the Govt of India has gone ahead to approve the Corporatisation of the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB)1. I

Drone Threat – The Big Picture

The media was in frenzy post the drone attack on Jammu Air Force Station on the night of 26/27 Jun 2021. The volcano of breaking news and minute-to-minute reporting was trying to show us the face of danger that awaits us from the little monsters cal

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