Rudram -1: A Step Forward on the Road to Self-reliance

These are indeed exciting times. Seven indigenous weapon systems tested in a time-run of just ten weeks; Shaurya hypersonic missile, BrahMos Extended Range (ER) missile, Prithvi nuclear capable missile, Hypersonic Technology Demonstration Vehicle (HS

Logistic Support Agreements- A Growing Footprint

Open sources are abuzz with the news that in the annual bilateral summit between India and Russia slated in November 2020, the Agreement on Reciprocal Logistic Support or ARLS is likely to be signed1. In the above context, this article flags the i

Readying Up the Fourth Dimension, Quietly: A Status Report

Last year in April and June respectively, it was reported in the media that the Government has taken two important decisions related to space domain. If this is true, the same will have far reaching strategic importance for the nation. This articl

Defence Production and Export Promotion Policy 2020: Effective Implementation is the Key

Following closely on the heels of Draft Defence Acquisition Procedure (DAP) 2020, which was open for comments till 10 Aug 2020, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has formulated another document called Defence Production and Export Promotion Policy 2020,

India’s Air Defence: What Needs to be Integrated?

The issue of creation of Air Defence Command is very much relevant in the current context with many subject matter experts (or otherwise) giving their special comments on what needs to be done and what must be avoided. While the author’s detaile

Countering the Dragon in the Skies

This is a linked brief with the previous work titled ‘Power Behind Arrogance’ carried on the VIF portal on 23 Jun 2020.1 The previous article dealt with the analysis of the air and missile arsenal of China. It analysed how the Chinese air threatm

DTIS – Keeping up the Pace and Momentum

On 30 Apr 2020 the Prime Minister (PM) held a meeting with various stakeholders to discuss ways to boost the Defence and Aerospace sector1. Within a fortnight of this important meeting, the Defence Minister has launched the Defence Testing Infrastruc

Beyond the COVID-19: Indian Defence Industry

The social media is bulging at seams in making unending predictions by the hour related to the ‘life after Covid’. The continuum ranges from a ‘total doomsday’ scenario painted by the naysayersto the ‘we will win’ and how the life will be

Drone Swarms: Bracing up with The New Threat

(This article linked with a previous article titled, Drone Swarms - a Growing Lethality. Where is the world? Where are we? published on the VIF portal on 06 Apr 20201.While the said article highlighted the growing lethality of the drone swarms, the c

Drone Swarms -a Growing Lethality…. Where is the World? Where are We?

The credit of using the unmanned platform for the first time goes to Austria, when in1849 it attacked the Italian city of Venice using unmanned balloons loaded with explosives1. Surely, the Austrian warriors could have never imagined that this humble

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