Sri Lanka's Current Economic and Political Crisis

Sri Lanka in India's neighborhood is reeling under economic, political, and social crisis. To listen to the insightful views on the reasons and implications of current development, join us on the podcast by Shri PM. Heblikar and Cchavi Vasisht.

Sri Lanka: Need to Repair Political and Security Architecture

The Easter Sunday Church Bombings (April 21, 2019) in Colombo and other parts of Sri Lanka has altered the internal security situation and the political arithmetic in that country. The Islamic State of Iraq & Syria (ISIS) claimed ownership of the at

Sri Lanka Crisis Resolved but Challenges Continue

The political crisis in Sri Lanka has receded following the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court (Dec 14, 2018) restoring the status of the Parliament as it existed on October 24, 2018 before the crisis erupted. The unanimous decision of the 7-memb

Sri Lanka At Cross Roads: Political Crisis Defies Solution

President Maithripala Sirisena’s (MS) palace coup of October 25, 2018, aimed apparently at wresting absolute powers, has obviously failed to achieve its objectives, and in its stead, has created more chaos and confusion. The sacking of a sitting Pr

India-Myanmar Joint Parliamentary Friendship Forum

Introduction Myanmar occupies a central position in India’s “Look East Policy” or “Act East Policy” and has received highest level political patronage under the Modi doctrine. Continuity in India’s policy has received attention in the

Developments in Myanmar

A week-long business exploratory trip to Myanmar was a rewarding experience and confirmed the availability of exponential opportunities to participate in developmental activities. The first thing to strike was the perceptible change in the character

India: Opportunities in Internal Security

Introduction: Strengthening India’s internal security mechanism has been discussed regularly at several fora including media, both print and electronic. The discussion has generally been Delhi-centric with focus on the efforts of the central go

Modernisation of India’s Internal Security Mechanism

India’s internal security mechanism, since Independence, has functioned in a silo system largely confined to the home ministry. It is obvious that this arrangement has outlived its utility and needs a massive make-over. Time has also become app

New signals in the Northeast

The decision of the BJP-led NDA government to take military action against the northeast militants, particularly those involved in the recent attack ( June 04, 2015) on the Indian army in Chandel district of Manipur has brought to the fore several im

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