S Gurumurthy Enlightens About Bharat's Significance And India's History

Sources revealed that the Centre might introduce a bill in the special parliamentary session from September 18-22 seeking to amend Article 1. Reports on the potential renaming of India's official name as Bharat has sparked a massive controversy be

Paris Mastermind: Abu Oud or Ibn Taymiyyah?

French intelligence has named Abdel-Hamid Abu Oud, a Belgian national, as the mastermind behind the Paris carnage. He was killed later. Four of the seven attackers who perished in the process are French. Fifth, the first woman bomber of Europe, later

The 1937 Act divided India. Will UCC integrate it?

The BJP’s articulators’ understanding of the UCC doesn’t seem to go to the deep, sordid historical origins of the UCC. After the 1937 Act was passed, the Muslim League emerged as a Muslim mass party and began challenging the unchallenged Gan

1937 Shariat Act – For Muslims or for Jinnah and the Zamindars?

The 1937 Act, the joint strategy of the British and the League, was driven by political expediency rather than a desire to enforce Islamic Sharia. Less than a week after the opposition parties met in Patna to oppose him, Narendra Modi threw a huge

Recalling the pre-March 24, 1940 Idea of India

But answers to such questions, important as they are, will hardly capture the deeper vision that underlies Modi’s Sengol mission. Why did Narendra Modi choose to recall the August 14-15, 1947 midnight history of Sengol now? Why did he time it

Sengol – Obliterate history, deny after discovery

"The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history,” said George Orwell. The latest Indian example of how Orwell’s dictum works is the obliteration of the Sengol ceremony from the history

The Unbroken Guru-Sishya tradition and The Continuity of Bharatvarsha

Bharatvarsh, the nation that is today Bharat, has an antiquity dating back to the Vedic period -- at least 3500 years before. There is no land and people on this earth who have been aligned like Bharatvarsh and Bharatiyas. Their alignment has an anti

India and the Changing World Order

On 19 October, during an in-house interaction, VIF Chairman, S Gurumurthy spoke at length on ‘India and the Changing World Order’. Currently serving as Central Board Director at Reserve Bank of India and editor of the Tamil political weekly, Thug

Ukraine crisis: The war that is changing relations, rules

Having pushed Ukraine into war, the US does not know how to save it. Having started it, Russia does not know where to end it. Having been pushed into the war, Ukraine does not know how to come out of it. It accuses its adversary Russia saying it is a

Ukraine: As history returns to haunt the world

In the early 1990s, Francis Fukuyama proclaimed that with the liberal democracy and the free market economy of the West finally emerging as a one-size-fits-all model for all nations, all conflicts that were the source of history had ended. That becam

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