Indian Armed Forces in 2047: At The Centenary of Independence

The 75th Year of Independence is a milestone in India’s march towards a sovereign dispensation characterised by freedom, peace, and prosperity. In that endeavour, the preservation of territorial sanctity, economic sovereignty and political relevanc

Management of India's Military Prowess: Issues and Aspects

Conceptualising the foundations of national defence and organising a conformingly robust military structure is a humungous task of extremely complexities. Even nations who possess pristine strategic vision and deep rooted military culture find it pra

A Decade of Discourse on Defence Matters

This book is a compilation of 30 pioneering papers on issues connected with India's national defence. These papers are a part of the vast repository of VIF publications over the past decade of its functioning as a strategic think tank with the purpos

Selected Essays from the Vivekananda International Foundation

Over the past decade, the VIF has charted an academically independent path of research and analyses. The Foundation has thus been disseminating a vast stream of analyses of key developments and decision dilemmas concerning the nation to its wide circ

China's Great Leap Forward II

Development of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a fulcrum of the One Belt One Road Initiative through which China seeks to realise the ‘Chinese Dream’ to be a global power and a regional hegemon. The Corridor connects China’s Western Xin

The Kashmir Narrative

ISBN: 9788182748996 Publication Year: 2017 Binding: PB Pages: 100 Price: Rs. 295 Online Available at Pentagon Press

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