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The Idea of Non -Alignment @ 65
The idea of Non- Alignment (NAM) in the international discourse is often being scoffed as anachronistic and archaic especially in the 21st century political hyphenism where brute power plays out at will.
COVID-19 International Developments: Daily Scan, May 11, 2020
Doctors have dubbed these patients “happy hypoxemics,” a reference to the paradox of abnormally low levels of oxygen found in their blood combined with an ability to breathe relatively easily. Dr. Weingart remembers one of his first such patients in March—a 42-year-old man with blood-oxygen levels so low he should have been unconscious.
COVID-19 Paves the Way for a Cashless Economy in China
Governments worldwide are at the time engaged in containing COVID-19 and have either initiated unprecedented lockdowns or following strict social distancing protocols for public safety and prevent community transmission.
Developing Conflict between China and Malaysia in South China Sea
While the world is preoccupied in grappling with the deadly Covid-19 virus unleashed from Wuhan, China un-abashedly marches on with its ominous policy of creeping occupation of South China Sea (SCS). The recent target of China’s expansionist policy is an exploration ship operated by Malaysian State enterprise Petronas in the Malaysian EEZ. A Chinese survey ship “Haiyang Dizhi 8” has been deployed very close to the Malaysian vessel staking the illegitimate Chinese claims.
South Korea a Model Case for Combating Covid-19: Lessons for India from the Korean Experience
When the coronavirus or Covid-19 broke out in the Chinese city of Wuhan, South Korea experienced one of the world’s largest initial outbreaks outside China. Though Covid-19 has spread to as many as 205 countries across the world, infected 3.7 million people and causing over 2.6 lakh deaths (and the number is rising), the United States and Europe have been most severely affected.
COVID-19 International Developments: Daily Scan, May 8, 2020
Top trade negotiators from the United States and China spoke by phone on May 08 and vowed to continue to support the phase one trade deal, Chinese state media reported, in their first contact since the agreement was signed in January.
Political Crisis amidst COVID-19 Pandemic in Nepal
At a time when almost all the countries of the world are struggling to fight the corona virus pandemic, the Council of Ministers in Nepal brought in two important ordinances on April 20, 2020, that could have serious implications on the future of Nepalese politics. One of the ordinances related to splitting of political parties and the other was about amending the procedure for filling up the posts in the Constitutional Council. President Bidya Devi Bhandari immediately accorded Presidential approval to both the ordinances.
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Neighbourhood News
June 4, 2020
VIF Neighbourhood News Digest: June 04, 2020

PAKISTAN Crashed plane’s pilot didn’t follow ATC instructions: CAA: DAWN While the French air safety organisation announced...

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International Development
June 3, 2020
VIF News Digest: International Developments (US, Europe and Russia), 16-31 May 2020

USA US Domestic Civil unrest rages in Minneapolis over racially charged killing by police, 28 May 2020 Peaceful rallies gave...

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Defense, National Security and Terrorism, VIF Alerts
June 3, 2020
VIF News Digest: National Security - Defence Studies & Terrorism, 16-31 May 2020

DEFENCE: Op Samudra Setu Phase 2 - INS Jalashwa brings home 588 Indians from Maldives Government implements Shekatkar...

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