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Xinjiang’s Pakistan Connection & Beijing’s Folly
The proximity that has been characterising China and Pakistan relationship may turn out to be not quite all-weather if investigations into the recent violence in Chinese controlled Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region reveal a Pakistan-based Islamist connection. Indeed, it seems Beijing—until now—had deliberately been avoiding any mention of Pakistan in the interest of the partnership that it has been engendering with Islamabad, as also to guard it against censure from countries that have been victims of violence emanating from Pakistani soil.
Communal Violence Bill – A Direct Assault On The States
The United Progressive Alliance government is readying itself to introduce a Bill to further strengthen the law against communal and targeted violence and to ensure speedy justice and reparations for the victims of communal violence. Though the objective is laudable – to boost the confidence of religious and linguistic minorities in all states and union territories – the first draft of the Bill, which has been prepared by the National Advisory Council (NAC), fails to inspire confidence.
We Shall Not Retire
During the Second World War when Britain’s fortunes were at their lowest ebb and Britain was in imminent danger of being invaded by the Germans who had successively conquered France and Belgium, Sir Winston Churchill became Prime Minister. The British Expeditionary Force and a large contingent of the French Army had been evacuated through Dunkirk and Britain virtually stood alone facing the victorious Axis Powers. The British people were demoralised and certainly it seemed as if the British Army would not be able to face a German invasion.
‘Designated Camps’ for the Ceasefire Insurgent Groups: Some QRs
One of the most important aspects that govern cessation of hostilities by an insurgent group is the anvilling of ground rules that would govern ceasefire and the setting up of “Designated Camps” for the insurgent group. While, it has been seen that ground rules for insurgent organisations ceasing hostilities have more or less been carbon copies of the ones that were prepared for NSCN, leading thereby to post-hoc complication, it seems little or no thought has been brought to bear when “Designated Camps” are set up.
Futile Review Of National Security
The Task Force appointed by the UPA Government for national security review is unlikely to produce a report that will carry weight and be accepted for implementation. Its limited remit and the fact that it comprises retired officials who carry no clout make the much-needed review a non-starter. The Government should have made a sincere effort to bring the security reform process initiated by the Group of Ministers in 2001 back on track.
Encircling the ‘Light of Asia’: the Lumbini Project
Though he often lamented the extent and depth of Indian influence on Chinese civilisation in the past, Ambassador Hu Shih (1891-1962) scholar-formidable of China’s cultural renaissance nevertheless conceded India’s immense contribution to his country’s cultural and civilisational development in a paper entitled ‘East and West: The Indianization of China: A Case Study in Cultural Borrowing’ presented at the Harvard Tercenary Conference of Arts and Science.
A Blinding Obsession
The youthfulness of the new Pakistani foreign minister is in itself of little consequence for the revitalisation of India-Pakistan ties. Some optimism-laced commentary equating her youth with freshness of approach to bilateral relations is more wishful prose than properly weighed political judgment. Suggestions that older-generation Pakistan watchers in India, stuck in the groove of past attitudes, have reacted to her appointment with paucity of imagination is salon babble.
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