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Developing India’s Indigenous Defence Technologies: The Case for Inducting Arjun Tanks
A well–entrenched and powerful import lobby operating under the shadow of the political establishment in New Delhi has been silently but vigorously pursuing the strategy of nullifying every Indian effort aimed at developing new and innovative technologies for building state of the art defence hardware and fighting machines required by the Indian defence forces and in the process end Indian dependence on imported military devices.
Systemic Failure or Organ Failure?
The Chambers Twenty-first Dictionary, which is quite an authoritative lexicon, describes ‘system’ in the following words, “A set of inter-connected or inter-related parts forming a complex whole”. The word ‘systemic’ is defined as “referring or relating to a whole organism. ‘Organ’ is defined as, “A part of a body or plant which has a special function, e.g. a kidney, a leaf”. Therefore, when an organ fails it is an individual part which becomes inoperative and, perhaps, with proper treatment the organ, or part, can either be repaired or made functional, or it can be replaced.
Mollycoddling Miandad is Tantamount to Legitimising Dawood Ibrahim
Even while seething with anger over the news that the close relative of the international terrorist Dawood Ibrahim and former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad had been given a visa to visit Delhi to watch the final one-day match between India and Pakistan, one couldn’t help being utterly perplexed over the decision of the government of India to allow this man into India. The only rational explanation probably came from a Shiv Sena leader who said that the visa was given not in spite of Miandad’s close relationship with Dawood Ibrahim but because of it.
An Object Lesson in Government Incompetence
When salmon swim against all odds to reach their spawning grounds no obstruction can stop them. The huge number of rape cases now being reported in India reminds me of this annual migration of salmon. Was India free of rape till fairly recently and has the crime become suddenly endemic? Is it a question of rape victims now becoming more vocal about the crime against them and more ready to come forward and report it?
Still Comrades after all these years
Russia was the first country with which India established a strategic partnership in 2000 when Vladimir Putin became President and reversed the drift in ties under Boris Yeltsin when Moscow veered westwards and lost interest in its Soviet-era friendships.
Post - 2014 Afghan Security: Hope is not a Strategy
Gradually but inexorably, Afghanistan is crawling towards anarchy due to its deteriorating security situation. The US-led forces in Afghanistan are on target to complete their drawdown by end-2014. In fact, many members of the US Congress are clamouring for an even earlier withdrawal. However, the preparedness of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF, army and police) to assume independent charge of security is highly suspect.
Method in The Madness
If it was wrong to invite Pakistan’s interior minister Rahman Malik to India because he prevaricates on investigations into the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks and lets Hafiz Saeed make hate speeches against India unchecked, is it right to believe that the Pakistani president and PM are welcome because they want to genuinely bring to justice expeditiously those Pakistanis involved in the Mumbai carnage, including Saeed, its mastermind?
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