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Maintenance of Public Order
It is the fundamental duty of the State to maintain public order.
Strategic Posture Along China – India Borders is India Prepared?
The Context – Strategic Scenario China’s rise as a major international actor is certainly a defining feature of the strategic landscape of 21st Century. It certainly has ramifications for the entire world but most definitely for the Far East and for India. If China has to emerge as a global power, it must first establish its unchallenged supremacy in its immediate neighborhood. India is the only country in the region, which is somewhat of a competitor on both economic and military fronts. So it has got to be put in place; only question, is as to when?
The Justice System and the Secular State
Gujarat has been touted around as a State steeped in communalism, with a government which is right wing, extremist Hindu, anti Muslim and totally communal in outlook. The Congress, on the other hand, projects itself as the party which is secular, pro-minority and, in particular, totally protective of the Muslims.
Energy Security of India- Need for A Fresh Approach
Energy an Indicator of Growth and a Measure of Comprehensive National Power Energy is an important ingredient for accelerating development because its consumption pattern is the measure of the growth of a nation. Its availability/ lack of it, is also an important element in the measurement of a country’s the comprehensive national power. To have a quick reality check, as on date, India’s per capita energy consumption is as low as 700 kWh while the world average is 2,500 kWh and for many of the developed countries the figure is as high as 15,000 kWh.1
Don’t be Limited by NAM Anyhow
The NAM Summit in Teheran (August 26 to 31) provides an occasion for some general reflections on the movement, its salience today and India’s role in it. For those who have always decried the movement for spurning the camp of democracy and freedoms, dismissing it as a collection of countries that still cling in varying degrees to sterile and outmoded habits of thinking is easy. Geopolitics
Prepare Against Pakistan Nukes
The rapidity of Pakistan’s nuclear weaponisation in recent years has been under constant scrutiny in the United States and has been well-documented in articles in the ‘Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and the Nuclear Threat Initiative’ as well as in numerous reports of the Congressional Research Service (CRS). Regrettably, this does not appear to have been the subject of as much independent analysis and comment in India as in the US despite the fact that Pakistan’s nuclear weapon programme is clearly India-centric.
Violence in Bodo Areas: Issues and Options
Violence in Bodo areas is not a simple story of communal conflict between Bodos and non-Bodos, but is a complex issue with socio-cultural, economic, political and security dimensions. Clashes have erupted from time-to-time1 in the area, but the situation this time has reached a state where the number of killings has crossed 90. There is a displacement of about 400,000 people and its echo has been felt in other parts of India in terms of reverse flow of Northeasterners, triggered by rumours of reprisals. What factors were responsible for the present situation?
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International Development
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Myanmar Round Up
June 9, 2021
Myanmar Round-Up: May 2021

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June 10, 2021
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