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Pakistan's Military Exercise AZM-E-NAU: Need To Monitor Scale and Scope
Pakistan’s Director General of Military Training(DGMT) Maj Gen Muzzammal Hussein and the DGISPR, Maj Gen Athar Abbas at a recent joint press conference in Rawalpindi outlined the details of a large scale Military Exercise code named Azm-e-Nau (A New Beginning) being held from 10 Apr-13 May 2010.1 Pakistan’s Air force Exercise High Mark 2010 it was said, will be fully integrated with the Army exercise.2 The Pakistan Army Chief, Gen Kayani stated that “this exercise would be bigger than Ex Zarbe Momein”.3 It is noteworthy that Zarbe Momein was so far the
Compulsory Voting - An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Mr.Deenanath Kushwaha of the Samajwadi Party won the Deoria seat in the election held in May, 2007 to elect a new state assembly in the Northern state of Uttar Pradesh. So, what?, you would think. Mr.Kushwaha’s success would certainly be a worthless addition to the clutter of information that bombards you every minute in the internet age, until you see the fine print and realize the implications of this candidate’s “victory” to our democracy and the system of representation in our legislatures. Deoria Assembly Constituency in Uttar Pradesh has 3.49 lakh voters.
Naxalism: Need to Revisit Basics
Just because you are a hammer, every problem is not a nail. Left extremist problem is serious but use of Army is no solution. We first need to understand the nature and ingredients of the problem. Naxalism is a variant of Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW) in which civil society is the critical element of war. This war is to protect the civil society and at the same time fought in the battle ground of civil society.
Climate Change = War?
Missed in the debate over climate change has been the strategic implications, says Rajeev Sharma. In Asia they could be catastrophic. For all the heat generated by discussions of global warming in recent months, it is an often overlooked fact that climate change has the potential to create border disputes that in some cases could even provoke clashes between states. Throw into the mix three nuclear-armed nations with a history of disagreements, and the stakes of any conflict rise incalculably.
Tectonic Shift in India’s Pak policy
The recent CNN-IBN interview of Mr M.K. Narayanan, the nation­al security adviser (NSA), in defence of the government's assertions on Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, including the setting up of the anti terrorism mecha­nism, has added to the widespread belief that the govern­ment has lost its way on how to handle it. The interview was quite obviously given in response to serious misgivings aroused by the statements in the wake of the Manmohan Singh-Musharraf Havana meeting.
Intelligence in India’s Internal Security
As an instrumentality of the state, a seemingly simple doctrine that security interests of a state are best served when addressed from a position of knowledge dominance is the mother of intelligence. Unfortunately, states often do not act in their best interests – lack of useful and relevant knowledge not always being at fault. As Barbara Tuchman starts her famous book ‘The March of Folly’ with a lamentation that “A phenomenon noticeable throughout history regardless of place or period is the pursuit by the governments of policies contrary to their own interests”.
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February 27, 2020
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