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China Aims for Global Space Leadership
For China, which joined the global space league in a modest way with a launch of a lightweight satellite in 1970, the year 2011 is all set to stand out as both “eventful and exciting”. Indeed, for this Asian communist giant, which has set its eye on emerging as a space and military power on par with USA and Russia, the launch of eight tone box car sized space module Tiangong-1 by means of March-2F rocket from Jiuquan space centre in Gobi desert in late September was a veritable space spectacular.
Promoting Administrative Acumen - Understanding ‘HIKMAT AMLI’
There is a story, alleged not to be apocryphal, about one of the districts of old CP and Berar (later Madhya Pradesh) in which the police was investigating a major case of house breaking. The police had detained a suspect and the Superintendent of Police (S.P.), an Englishman, asked the investigating officer about progress in the case. The Thanedar said that he had a suspect in his custody and that he was questioning him with ‘Hikmat Amli’. Despite this the suspect refused to divulge any information. The S.P.
The Police in India
A recent incident in Kolkota has set alarm bells ringing. A rowdy crowd from the ruling Trinamul Congress in West Bengal blocked a public street during some celebrations. This led to clashes with workers of the opposition and the police intervened, cleared the street and arrested two persons who happened to be senior workers of the ruling party.
India, Pak & a happy mirage
There is no policy change The positive vibes emanating from the meeting between the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan in Addu, the Maldives, have generated a lot of misplaced optimism on the future of Indo-Pak relations.
Indo - Us Ties will see better days
Public readings of the temperature of the India-US relationship keep fluctuating depending on assessments of the moment. Doubts are being raised again whether the relationship has reached a plateau and enthusiasm has waned on both sides. Lack of delivery on US expectations in the nuclear and defence fields as well as its inward preoccupations because of recessionary and employment concerns and the upcoming Presidential elections have suppposedly taken American eyes off the India story.
Flawed Pakistan strategy
Our policy towards Pakistan, as the SAARC summit at Maldives last week showed, is stuck in the double grooves of hope and good faith. We think that India and Pakistan can turn a 'new chapter' in their relationship and believe in the good faith of Pakistan’s leadership in translating their peaceful protestations soon into policy.
The Darkness in Afghanistan
The West is describing the current situation in Afghanistan as one of transition. This assumes that the situation is moving from one state of things to another in a planned and controlled manner. It is clear that US and NATO want to reduce their military presence and commitment to Afghanistan. President Obama has announced a draw-down of US forces, limited in number this year, but bigger in scope next year.
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May 18, 2020
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